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What are random interests you have?

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Do any of you have interests in things you really have no explanation for as to why? Or if you do have an explanation, why did it peak your interest?

Personally I am interested in a bunch of random things, pirates, astronomy, medieval times more specifically bubonic plague, ravens, and wolves


  • quite the broad range you have there, personally i enjoy sleep
  • I have this big random interest in urealms. 
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    @kreeperkiller63 Same. :P
    I have no other related interests to URealms. The only reason I started watching it was because I liked the people who were in it.
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    i research stories myths and lore about monsters and magical creature as a hobby. started as a fun thing to do as a kid, but now i have learned how to do it as a historian/archaeologist, it's fun but having a bookshelf with 60% books about monsters have ended up giving people a weird impressions of me.
    (i´am also a huge anime/manga fan and have a board game collection)
  • Mythology, slavic mythology.
    History mostly around the first world war.
    Theoretical physic
    Math jokes
    all books...I am a typical woman, just instead of shoe I buy books in the same enthusiastic fashion.
    some tv shows and manga 
    wandering unknow places to see new staff
    Cooking and eating the cooked staff :peace: 

    Sleep is a nice one. 
    That is excluding rping here on the forums. 
  • I like learning things in general, from reading. My top ones would be Astronomy, Neurology, Meteorology, and Volcanology.  
  • Gemling culture in Urealms
    Cooking (spaghetti in different ways (I never waste food))
    Do I look dumb while dancing my ass off at parties (this one started recently)
    Lots'o manga
    Slavic meme jokes
    News and politics around the world
    That about sums up my interests outside youtube & twitch comedians/let's players
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    I think my most random interest I have is urbexing. I dont know why, but whenever I see a shitty abandoned warehouse I just got this itch to check it out. (living in an ex soviet block kinda advantageous for this lol)

    Also a fan of diesel punk mixed with magic. So gnomes in Urealms potentially are right up my alley.
  • Math
    Math Puzzles
    Learning large amounts of useless information
    Chemistry, especially learning the structures of organic molecules
    Doing Tests
    Sci-fi and/or fantasy novels/shows/video games
    Sandbox games in general
    Alternate History
    Music dreams
    bad puns
    Psychology, specifically learning about strange/unusual people
  • Astrophysics (more specifically anything to do with stars, including our own)
    Fluid dynamics
    Particle physics
    Some psychology
    The concept of death
    Music (playing it and studying it and theories behind it)
    Illusions of any kind (Including Nisovin illusioins o: )
  • Drumcorps, aka really good marchingband shows. Theres some recordings of past years on youtube if you wanna watch some.
  • Changeling the lost. I write occasionally small one shot stories of how a person was taken and such like that. It all started by being invited to a session at the end of october and I have been hooked since
  • I play alto saxophone, and Skyrim. that's basically my life (besides Urealms)

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    Modern ruins, or ruins in general, where nature has, or is starting to take over. I love it and I know why I love it: It's beauty created from chaos.
  • Cooking (especially meats, even though family is trying to get away from them)
    Video Game Modding/Scripting (Warcraft III, Team Fortress 2)
    Surfing/Jumping in Source Games
    urealms, but few people have heard of that
    Physics Jokes

  • Monsters dark magic and anything dark meidevi/fantasy 
  • There's this show called Urealms that I'm obsessed with. You probably haven't heard of it.

    Dang it, someone already took this joke.
  • @splash @Maris No way! You guys have heard of that, too?! :oh:

    Psychedelic Rock
    Let's Plays
    Guitar, Violin and the Piano
    The Sitar
  • @SquareoftheLightOnes Horizon Zero Dawn Much? :wink: 

  • Comic books.
    Mecha anime products (Transformers, Gundam, other cool fun robots)
    Legos (I make my own transformers out of various lego parts, with no parts-forming....I REALLY LIKE transformers in case you couldn't tell <_<.)
    Action figures... (m-maybe the majority of them are transformers...)

  • I've become obsessed with Power Rangers and Super Sentai (Japanese Power Rangers) in the last year. Kinda strange to get this into such a series at 21, haha.
  • @Ninja_Goose Astrophysics are indeed really interesting, I just tied that into astronomy but I am also super interested in those

  • Birds, I don't know when or how it happened but I somehow became interested in birds 
  • All things Nintendo.
    Destiny, Destiny 2, and Overwatch.
    Good food.
    Staying busy.
    Watching people play games.
    I like drawing despite my complete lack of skill there of.
    Uhh... Etc. Sure.

    I despise not doing things. Just standing around, walking to nowhere in particular, etc. Things like that bother me. I would rather work or do manual labor than sit still for more than 15 seconds.
  • @Ninjathis  ;
    Oh yeah I should probably add all things Nintendo and drawing. Despite most of my lackluster skill in most drawings except I'm getting better at birds because that randomly became an interest. Still have no clue why
  • Greek Mythology, Medievil Arms and Armor, Creating Urealms characters, and being over the top and flamboyant
  • Swords, crypt of the NecroDancer, castle crashers, minecraft, watching YouTube videos, urealms, philosophy, eating, telling people they are wrong. 

    I hate things that one has to do, like chores, work, school, I would rather do nothing. I'm a very lazy person, I would love to sit around and do nothing all the time.
  • I've somehow become fascinated with design. Game design, UI design (user interface), architectural design, ... I dunno, guess I just like knowing why things look/act like they do. 
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