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Kobold poop

So because kobolds eat rocks what would there poop be like, how would it come out of them do kobolds even poop like other things...


  • Sand? Gravel? Idk, something like that. Maybe if they eat coal it could come out as a diamond. (Definitely not possible, but it would be funny) 
  • They would have to poop something that contains those rocks, since Kobolds aren't magical creatures. They would still have to follow the law of conservation of energy. 
    Also speaking of Kobold digestion, what would be the chemical energy that kobolds get from rocks in order to sustain themselves? 
  • @emcuttsy ;
    Halp, @Caprikel has a good question
  • @Caprikel

    i suggested it in the kobold genitalia thread once, but i'll say it here.

    Gems / Gemlings are nothing but pure, crystallized sugar.

    That sugar possibly exists in other rocks too in less concentrated quantities.

    sugar = energy, therefore eating sugar-filled rocks / gems provides tons of energy. rocks probably also have a bunch of calcium in them and other minerals that could potentially be pulled apart for nutrition. who knows, maybe their stomachs almost work like an alchemist and pull out individual carbon molecules to string them together with hydrogen and oxygen from the air / water they breathe / drink in order to make glucose.
  • @TamTroll so when I'm shooting one of my spells through some amplifying crystals they're getting enhanced by pure concentrated sugar?
  • Dude, what would a kobold kidney stone be like. Imagine having to pass a piece of pure cubic zirconium...
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    According to my theories, gemlings are nothing more than a cluster of minerals with extreme purity due to the way they gather the minerals (discussed in the gemlings/gemlords biology and origins thread). That's why kobolds find them so enticing. As to why kobolds eat rocks and minerals, my theory is that their stomachs have a magical property which allows them to break down any and all foods into their base components, and then distribute them about the body.
    There should be a passive for kobold stomachs 
    custom card

    As to how kobold poop would look, I magine either dust or rocks or dirt (depending on what he ate that day)
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    @Ozoner haha glad to be called in! Here's my best geologist explanation @Caprikel ;

    So, the way that actual chemolithotrophs (rock eating organisms) get energy is by taking advantage of what are called redox gradients in their surroundings. A redox gradient is essentially just a separation of electron rich and electron poor/electron hungry compounds. By moving electrons from the electron rich compounds (called reduced compounds) to the electron hungry compounds (called oxidized compounds), organisms get energy. Animals, plants,and fungi all get energy by using organic carbon as an electron source and oxygen as an electron acceptor (plants don't "eat" sunlight, they use its energy to turn carbon dioxide in the air into sugar, which they metabolize for energy later).

    Chemolithotrophs do the same thing except that they don't use organic carbon as an electron source, they use reduced (electron rich) inorganic compounds in their environment (read: rocks or dissolved in water they're in contact with). Like plants, these microbes aren't really eating rocks (read: not making themselves out of rocks like we make ourselves out of organic carbon), they just use them as an energy source to fix inorganic carbon into organic carbon which they can break down for energy and to build their bodies later. These metabolisms as a rule are not as efficient as aerobic respiration (using oxygen with organic carbon, which is what we do), which is why we only observe it in bacteria and archea.

    Kobolds, being animals, probably use aerobic respiration because they still need to breathe and because they're big and complex, and only aerobic respiration really gives enough energy for that. So, the best way I think we can explain kobolds getting energy from eating rocks is to have them do something like what certain ruminant animals do - not actually get energy directly from what they eat, but from digesting the bacteria that they cultivate in their rumens (basically stomachs). Basically, kobolds would have stomachs in which they maintain conditions favorable for chemolithotroph growth (probably multiple stomachs with multiple conditions so that they could get energy from many different minerals which require different microbes to break down and different conditions for microbe growth).  They would basically farm bacteria in their stomachs by feeding those bacteria rocks, and then digest the bacteria for energy. 

    If kobolds are basically bacteria farmers feeding bacteria rocks and then digesting those bacteria for energy, then kobold poop would be a combination of rocks and minerals (probably broken down to sand size to maximize surface area for bacterial growth) which the bacteria left behind and actual biological waste - both from the kobold themselves and from the bacteria. Basically, sandy human poop (human poop is actually mostly bacterial waste and bacteria, since our gut microbiomes do a lot of digesting for us!)
  • @emcuttsy ;
    So they eat the rocks, and while the rocks sit in the stomachs, bacteria already in the stomachs get energy from the nutrients in the rocks, and maybe the rocks are broken into smaller chunks. That energy lets the bacteria reproduce a bunch, and the kobold digests and gets energy from that extra bacteria. They eventually poop out the rocks, and anything from the bacteria that they didn't use for bodily functions.

    Did i understand this right?
  • @Ozoner almost :)
    Kobolds would break rocks into smaller chunks by chewing, grinding, etc to maximize the surface area for the bacteria to grow on those rocks in their stomachs. The bacteria don't get nutrients from the rocks, but use the chemical energy stored in the rocks to fix inorganic carbon as organic carbon, which they they metabolize to grow and build their bodies. Kobolds digest the bacteria and that's where they'd get their energy from exclusively. Maybe some other mechanism incorperates parts of the undigested rock into the kobolds body, but I cant explain that biologically :). Poop is both biological poop and the waste rock that was chemically altered by bacteria to get energy  out of them to fix carbon. Yup you basically got it!

    This is just my theory based on how lithotrophs work on Earth however. Who knows if there's not something magic going on in kobold bellies.
  • @emcuttsy it's always nice to see your ennthusiasum for not only rocks, but make-belive rock animal people! How're ye doing today? :drunk: 
  • @Dart haha I'm just amazed people actually read my geologist rants - I'm good. Gonna get me a cup o tea and lurk on this thread for a bit XD 
  • ooh, a cuppa? are you English, as i am? 
  • @Dart I'm american but I'm living in Edinburgh atm. 
  • So they do poop out rocks that are just missing suger and stuff then pooping a rock(molment of silent for kobold butts)then would other kobolds know what rocks would and would not be good to eat(sry anout my spelling)
  • what if they just don't poop? like we have never seen a kobold take a shit in urealms before, maybe they just can't.
  • Then what happens to the rocks they can't stay there forever or rhey would have lumps from rocks inside of them
  • I still picture kobold poop as just lumps of coal, balls of sand or something. 
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