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Rock-ified Kobold Design

After all of the discussion of kobold "fur" colors and just generally how they aren't super rocky, I thought I'd give a re-design a go.

I LOVE current kobolds so I tried to stay as true to how they're drawn in official art as possible in so far as that they are cute, dog-faced critters with pointed ears, cheek and hear "fur" tufts, and generally dark coloration.

I'm planning on doing a sort of character study thing on a couple of these doggos and updating this thread as I go. But for now, enjoy my first rocky boi:

(I imagine the crystals would be olivine - a forsterite variety dark green in color - and so would be the gem between his eyes. That one I tried to draw in the actual crystal habit/natural growth pattern of olivine. The rest would be dark grey or black)


  • Oh my god this is so good! Amazing job!!!
  • Really good work. I love the inclusion of crystals as hair :)
  • @bl1ndn3rd ; @Spiffybumble ; daww thanks guys. I was worried people would be like: NOOO BLASPHEMY!!!
  • i always did feel that the wholke "rocky fur" thing didn't make sense. every instance of hair / fur I've seen in-universe has looked soft and fluffy, like it was made out of hair, not rocks.

    image you posted fits the whole "rocky fur" bill a bitt better imo.
  • @TamTroll thanks! I feel the same way about kobolds. They're super cute, but there's a disconnect between how they look/how the fandom imagines them and how they're described as rocky.
  • This is so cool, I love the idea!
  • I want! :DD <3 
    Amazing job
  • @TamTroll Well I think Kobolds originally were much spikier in Rob's original Unforgotten Realms cartoon, and I think they just slowly became fluffier and more dog-like.
    I've only seen some small parts of the original series, so I might be wrong and they've always been floof.
  • nah @Zeeboon Kobolds were originally rocky, but they got fluffier as people began playing them and wanted them to be less 'evil' seeming. Because noone likes rock people... :frownbold: 

  • I, for one, really really enjoy this wave of geology-related kobold posts :3
  • puts a much more literal spin on gem lickers...
  • @Fizz thanks lol. I was worried people might think it excessive. The foodporn one was literally just a joke one of my friends sort of dared me to do after the first thread, and this is fanart so it belongs in a separate thread as well so...
  • Very nice 
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