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Killing Bopen

Bopen is a very scary character in the fact that no one knows how to kill him both Virgo and Percy have shattered his skull but bopen didn't die there are many theories on what he is how to kill him depends on what he is so how do you think he can be killed or do you think he is invincible


  • just destroy his magic... the magic seems to be whats bringing him back.... so maybe idk drain his dark magic into gold and toss the gold into dragon gold or something idk
  • I personally have no idea either, but I think that it might have something to do with his sword. Maybe you have to destroy the sword before you can kill him, or maybe the sword emits the magic which makes up his purple aura, and by destroying it, he just falls apart.
  • Bopen is probably one of the funnest characters right now, and I hope they don't cut him off so quick, but from the Dundinborough campaign I assume you have to destroy an object, such as the ring in the song to kill him, the problem is just finding what and where it is.
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    Bopen has been claimed to be a God, but there's one slight problem with that. If he was, in fact, a Divine creature, then the Sandbolds should have not been able to freeze him in time during the Bopen's Crew campaign. As it Is stated on the Lascene card, Divine cannot be frozen In time. Bopen would not pretend to be frozen in time and let unknown kobolds walk around the area to inspect him and his crew. Bopen has strong magic, given that the Thunderdome couldn't push him out, but even that magic could not override time being frozen. And as I recall, before Bopen slew Virgo, the skeleton king said that he should have used Pyroblast.

    This means one, crucial idea: Bopen cannot be killed by destroying his body.

  • My theory is that all of Bopens power is in his sword, so if some how some character destroyed it then smashed his skull he would die.
  • I think that the ring makes more sence than the sword because he constantly throws the sword around. Although I'm not sure, something in dundinbrough might say otherwise.
  • You know how gold is magic given form?  Well, couldn't Bopen's magic be the sword itself since it is made of gold
  • I don't think bopen is the sword because he mentioned being reborn meaning at some point he was alive

  • Bopen has control of dundinborogh, his power most likely comes from gold, gold being magic, so go to dundinborogh. Kill the gold golem take all the gold. Bopen should die
  • It's not that noone knows how to kill Bopen, it's that no one knows who he is. Bopen was killed before, so the means of doing so should be known. When Bopen killed Virgo, he never told him that he was Bopen.

    Although then again, Bopen was probably sealed inside the Dundanborough Royal Bunker, with no-one left to betray (for ageless is a curse that locks the soul away). The attacking ageless were probably trying to free Bopen from the bunker.
    All that vanishing gold in the treasury was just Bopen casting an epic form of Command The Dead.
  • "Be that all The Light has to offer, paladin? Hope? Maybe next time hope for a Pyroblast don't you think? But speaking of hope, I never did get to introduce myself."


    Still seems to me like the best candidate. If this can kill even a divine, which Bopen MAY or MAY NOT be, this has to be one of the most sure*fire* ways to kill him. If not that, maybe something more along the lines of erase.
  • Something that always bothers me about Bopen theories. And even my own. Is that nobody seems to address the golem in Dundanborough. 
    • It was saying something about a deal.
    • It was described as being purple weird magic, similar to Bopen.
    • It reforms it's "body" even after being smashed apart.
    Does this mean it was a teaching tool? Similar to how Rob always designs early encounters to inform the players of the mechanics of the mid and late game bosses? If it is indeed teaching us something about Bopen. Why? What more is there? Because we have seen at least twice. Bopen's skull can be smashed to bits, and it will reform. Strangely, the golem was in a campaign that aired after the showdown with Virgo Sunsword. Are we missing something? Is there a trick so obvious we have all missed it?
  • @CongenialVirus Maybe it has something to do with destroying gold permanently.
  • @CongenialVirus

    My thoughts exactly. I actually think that the "Golem" is the one casting the magic that makes Bopen. The idea is that the Golem uses the Gold, which we know is magic, in the vault to basically cast a continues spell that animates bones so he can have something like a puppet to act trough.
    That would explain why Bopen can't be killed the normal way. When his bones get destroyed all that happens is that a puppet gets destroyed. The Purple Aura (Golem) in Dundanborough can then go ahead and just pick a new puppet.
    That also explains why Bopen is so interested in Gold and brings it alone to the vault in Dundanborough. The Magic needs a constant supply of Gold to be kept up.

    The Sword could be some sort of catalyst or antenna that allows the purple aura to focus on a specific area in the world.
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    If this was true, that would mean that bopen only exists until it fullfills it’s purpose, just like what the donation for the gold golem said.
  • Regarding the golem magic, maybe Bopen is a pirate so he can steal gold because he need gold to stay alive.
  • "Bopen is your weapon used to punish the Gods."

    Oh hell yeah he has a purpose! He's around to make US hate what we did.
  • Image result for gold golem urealms
    uh guys
    see that circular thing in the center of the gold golem
    could that maybe
    just maybe 
    be a ring
  • This could actually be how you kill him so if you don’t want to know spoiler alert... for the future...

    When Bopen dies, he takes the person who killed him and uses their skull. So in theory it could be like a typical hero story- as the person who killed Bopen must destroy their skull as well so Bopen does not have a skull to take then. We do see that Bopen’s body can still work without a head, so he could just kill someone else and take their skull, but maybe his magic lets him live if the person who killed him is still alive. So the person who kills Bopen must stay dead. Bopen may come back if the person is revived by greater lay on hands, so it’s like an ultimate sacrifice thing.
  • My idea for killing bopen is to draw magic from his sword to cast random spells at him, like in okagnoma guild hall. This would both take away his possible power source and deal damage to him.
  • @luigiguy098 Dude I can totally picture this. The hero smashes Bopen's skull. Turning to his/her comrades, she/he gives a quick smirk and thumbs up. Just as Bopen begins to reform, she/he touches his/her own face and casts erase. It's a critical hit. Bopen can't reform. The Light wins... for now.
  • Yeh I think Bopen might have some special magic that relates to him being a character from another world. Perhaps when he was brought into this world he realized this somehow, but then again it could be something to do with what happened to Bruce which could be interesting. I like the idea of his original skull being that of Bruce's, while Deverg Deverg skeletons are stone and can't become ageless, Bopen tends to break a lot of the rules.
  • 1/4th of the legendary spell scrolls can (maybe) kill him. There's erase, greater pyroblat the more straight forward kills. Carbonate and medusa won't kill but can control him in a kind of way. Rebirth might work too. Probobly the most cool legendary scroll to kill him is shard of perversion which melts the inner spirit, imagine Bopens purple smoke burn away, that might kill him.
  • BUT what if someone final gifts him while hes unconscious... or if after you kill bopen the killer gets fused through final gift... thus not being the same person who killed bopen.... idk but plot armour is kind of hard to beat.
  • Gwyenth thinks that while a regular ageless or thrall is alive, then he is immortal.
    Kinda like Voldemorts Horcruxes. But it won't be that simple.
    It isn't his skull or any of his bones because he was described as taking bones from others, Virgo, the Dundinboroughs and Percy. It'll require some kind of legendary being like a God or Old God divine decision to kill him. His weakness is that he has no weakness
  • @Connormur He does have a Horcrux/Phylactry: His Ring. "His power was hidden, in a Ring of all things." If that's destroyed, then he should also be destroyed. So he's essentially Sauron in a way.

    @bl1ndn3rd The problem there is that there are no small black ring on the Golem, as the poem implies. The Golem's 'belly button' is a coin on a red gem (coin?).

    We really do need an explanation on the Golem's connection to Bopen, though.
  • @Mythnull I believe your right. Within D&d lichs, all have an object that needs to be broken before they can truly die. I believe the sword is what started this whole shit because Phineas had that sword which added with the purple magic is what revived Bopen.
  • which... could explain why phineas still hasnt been killed by bopen or been turned into an ageless yet.... (definately isnt the fact having a maniacal character thats also marketable doesnt hurt either) 
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