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The URealms Restaurant

Y'know, there's something I've been wondering about for a long time. What kind of unique and interesting food is there in the world of URealms? When people aren't busy eating, what is their favorite Sea Chef or four-star restaurant cooking up for them? And what are the URealms equivalent of donuts?

There are some foodies we know exist in URealms - fruit, the meat of any animal, juicy beetles, Pissa, Fish Yogurt, Sea Chef food, and the many rocks and gems kobolds love to eat.
But what else do you think people would eat?


  • Well, i think Dried Blood Snake would be common, as would Harpy Steaks. Elephelks would definitly be on the market, and most companions would be edible! 

    And i think their food are mostly like ours, unless there are special cases or We think it hilarious that a particular race eat this, such as fish yogurht and rocks!
  • to start, i'd think their equivalent to donuts would be dobolts :smileporc:
    but in general, food probably changes region to region, and from race to race, depending on what's available and the race's specific eating requirements, such as porc's need for soft food, or kobolds with their rocks and gems
  • Yeah, but I think it's almost important to note that URealms is magic land and there might be some sweet dishes enchanted with extra flavor. I mean, good old meat, fruit, and rocks are fine, but man I wonder if there's more stuff like this here.

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  • Goblin meatballs, its find they aren't people 
  • Churros must exist in URealms. Churros must exist everywhere.
  • @Volastern ;
    You're speaking my language buddy.
    I don't know why, but churros are always amazing no matter where I get them from.
  • We know that some people like to eat goblin parts, i mean pretty sure in the Sunswords Campaign Phineas had said he likes eating Gobo eyes

    Other things I could imagine could be...

    Hellhound Steak [Usually burned though, but regrowable! are they a meat or vegetable then?]
    Monkeyfishsticks [Taste like monkey or fish?]
    Fried Octodrak [Mean meal anyone?]
    Bacon, because how couldn't you have bacon when you even have pigs?
    Ravenclaws [Slightly magical?]
    Grilled muShroomTrent [small, of course]
    Lacerator Leaves [kinda like lettuce?]
    Owlrat Wings [Hoo would of thought?]

    There's gotta be alot more than these i could think of though, i based these just from some of the companions.
  • @knguy Do you know how hard it is to get Churros in the UK? The only time I get Churros is when I go on holiday to San Diego. Tried making my own but they turned out terrible...
  • What if someone made a campaign in a restaurant feeding adventurers? That would actually be pretty cool, and not require a lot of mapping.
  • Season 3, Campaign 4: A four-star restaurant goes through the most intense experience of their lives as they struggle to serve irate adventurers and harsh critics, all while attempting to impress their bad-tempered Dvergr head chef who goes over to the group every five minutes yelling something like "IT'S UNDERCOOKED COOKED!"

    Will this esteemed restaurant attain five-star status, or will they fail miserably like all other aspiring restaurants have? Find out in this campaign!
  • @knguy
    I can't stop laughing thanks to this...
    "Undercooked Cooked" That is hilarious...
  • I just want some Dwarfen Ale with a side of scrooge eggs.
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