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Lance Willakers: The light gives us hope...

Link to my impression of Lance saying the text below:
The sea swept up the stormy coast
The beach stretched long a battle to host
As ageless swept out from the sea
The savages nothing alike you and me
Having stolen a great and holy ship 
The latter now clear as the water caused the bow to dip
These scurge stood advancing on our shores 
Orders are orders that is the way of wars

We living have spirit, we living have hope
Outnumbered we were, but Gwyneth had spoke
But as no arrow found its mark 
I wonder how our God the light could be so dark

My brothers fell to the ground
Strange though I heard no sound 
As my attention was drawn to the gnome looking out to the drink
Through her pain I felt my own hope sink 
I could not block the blade of my foe 
Agless can feel... No I must let that notion go 
Living and dead, good and evil 
The Grand Paladin is right there can be no retrieval 

We living have spirit, I have hope
Outnumbered I was, now alone could I even cope 
As once again no arrow found its mark
I wondered how our God could leave me so alone in the dark 

From my body I am ripped by agless thrawls 
I could almost hear my father yell come on now defend those walls
Then snap I was awake 
An ageless now there could be no mistake
Ageless feel no pain, I could feel loss
A fact over which I could no longer gloss
Many words must now be spoken 
I stand changed but strangely not broken 

The living have spirit, we all have hope
Outnumbered I am, but now alone I shall cope
As in the end no arrow needs to find its mark
All I'm left to wonder is how our Gods could be so dark


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