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Any theories out there of what is the "fate worse than death" is ?

My theory it's the samsara cycle because of how dragon aspect drawing is depicted as a wheel that's in rotation and how rob sometimes uses his pasts ideas to be placed in his current project.


  • the fate worst than death thing is probably has to do with the sins of the unforgoten and in the old cartoon getting five sins means you get posessed by a lord of chaos.

    AAAAAND we just saw A JIMMY get an old god name (ya know before it got retconned) of course none of this means anything till rob says so and that might take awhile
  • I mean, what if the fifth sin means they get possesed by one of us fully and go on a rampage killing people, honestly I want to see Astoria go into a blood rage.
  • I think it could be what happened to Bruce in DvZ lore. Reliving the fall of the dwarves every day of his life.
  • -Seeks destiny
    -*rolls a natural 1* 
    -Rawb: You see yourself killing your master over and over and over again.
    That would be pretty mean.
  • Complete erasure

    You never existed no one ever remembers you existed 

    I would guess the plot would be the higher beings (nisovin quintara) firguring out what happened
  • @KaeawynShifter well, it be the next person to fail a death roll after the fifth sin, if the wiki is right.
  • I think it means losing your being. Your existence entirely to another being. Ceasing to exist. If I recall Galen has a sin himself.
  • Becoming a ytt and loosing all sense of self.
  • @ThePhatSass @CaptainDeston Problem with that; That spell already exists. It's called erase. It'd be a little underwhelming for A FATE WORSE THEN DEATH!!! To simply be a spell that already exists in the game...

    My theory is based on the original Unforgotten Realms Cartoon: In the Original, gaining 5 Sins made a character become possessed by an evil 'guardian' of the Realm who had also garnered these 5 Sins. This is what I think will happen in the show; that when the 5 sinners have sinned, and a 6th sinner dies, the 5 will become possessed by Evil Old Gods, turning them wicked and insane (similar to Maelstrom). They've been chosen by the Old Gods to become their vessels, and their souls are already predetermined to be dead, they simply cheated their deaths for a few mere moments...
  • @friskyBrisky oh so a reverse ytt. Works for me.
  • @friskyBrisky I took erase as just visually erasing them ie in the beanu killing chamber how lyn just erased one, but I guess that would be pretty lack luster for a legendary.
  • Maybe they get put in a form of purgatory? or are deleted from the entire realm and nobody remembers them.
  • I would like to point out an example that might have been referenced by Bopen when he was speaking to Lance, about the fate of his father. How some speculations are about the DvZ lore of Bruce experiencing the final battle over and over again for all eternity. It could be something along those lines I would think.
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    I say it is either the get possessed by a lord of Chaos, Vanishing completely from existence with people having no memory of that person. Or Another possibility is you "live but no one can perceive you and you can't interact with anything." One of my RP groups years ago had a boss who could do that and it was terrifying.
  • hey, we could just send them to the Black Room of Death for eternity. A 10 foot by 10 foot by 10 foot black cube with nothing inside where they just sit around and do absolutely nothing forever, that's worse than death, right?
  • maybe urealms will just end, the show we get the 5th sin will be the last episode or urealms live ever
  • maybe the fate worth then death is still being conscious and able to see / hear/ feel everything as an evil / outsider spirit possesses your body and takes the reigns, assuming your identity and making your body do things against your will, with no possible way of escape or pulling control away from them.

    and you're immortal the entire time.

    and probably have a metal spike or something through some part of your body that hurts 24/7, but you can't die to ease the pain.
  • @TamTroll

    Is it just me, or does it seem like Tam has been reading Mistborn a bit recently?
  • Erased from all memory?... Who's Rem?

    Do the sins of the unforgotten feel reminiscent of the 5 signers in yu-gi-oh 5D's?
  • @KaeawynShifter i have not sadly. did read a lot of animorphs back in the day though :P
  • Rob has stressed that death in urealms is how your story ends. So it needs to be choose rightly. Removal of the choice of ending or of story entirely would achieve that., so both prevealing theories seem valid, but I suppose it's the latter.

    As fictional characters, that's is all they really have is stories, so I thought that was appropriate.

  • The character becomes a mod in twitch chat.

    It might cause them to be judged by the Order of Chaos. They could get a divine decision on how that character should be punished like Lyn was.
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