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Comet Otter's Art Dump

Its everyone's favorite gift-giving Uncle/Grandpa!

Man oh man this took forever. I've been working on this since The Senate of Deadlantis. So like 3-4 months. Its not perfect but Ive been going over and over it for days and its in my mind the best its going to get without completely starting over. I am sort of happy with it, though.

The cane/staff was supposed to be "Nader's Old Cane" aka Are'nai's legendary from Skeleton King, its design is based off of the one in puppet pals in the flashback on the 6th youtube episode with some artistic liberties. Sadly i started on this before I noticed she had a WAY different staff in her portrait so oh well. Nader comes across to me as a man with many many different canes. Maybe he wanted a nice glowing one for picture day?

Thanks for viewing! ~_~



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