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Morton is Going to Rule Deadlantis

So I just realized that if Morton becomes a Senator in Deadlantis, he can control all the other Ageless Senators and get any bill passed. He could become the MAYOR of Deadlantis even!


  • Oh wow, that maybe be true. Though, I would imagine it would only last until someone starts to notice that he is using magic to control them, as some of the characters in the campaign started to do after the Rat Queen fight. 
  • You mean Debtlantis, right?
  • He's gonna be one of the most powerful characters politically. He can influence a lot of decisions for Deadlantis which is also included in the war against the living. He'd probably be quite popular already for killing Lance, so he would probably have a strong base of some sort as well.
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    I mean any Deathknight could pick up commandthedead if they really wanted to, like Daedric the guy on the card. It's also fun to note that all the player senators are immune to charm which would probably put a wrinkle in King Mayor Morton.
  • I would imagine that doing that multiple times would be noticeable, and would be enough for Morton to be kicked out of Deadlantis (though he'd probably just wind up back on Bopen's ship). They do have the 'Shehtight Point' System, remember.
  • @DeadBones I didn't know they were immune to charm, but thats a smart idea, so you couldn't have their decisions be tampered with. 
  • @DeadBones wait, do they really still have that bagofjuicybeetles from pre-Birth of Magic? That's either crazy or they have some sort of drug supplier in Deadlantis, I wonder if it's illegal there.. or if the beetles are illegal in the surface world.
  • @Ninja_Goose But they have to eat it to gain the effect, hmm... can ageless even digest food? Like does the stuff that makes one immune to charm from the beetles need to enter the bodily system through digestion? Ageless dont have blood veins, muscle tissue or organs, I think?
    I thought they could eat if they wanted, but didnt have to. I think we just opened up a can of worms @_@
  • Yeah @DeadBones is right but it would be sweet if he either got his own political party, or became the leader of a pre-existing one since he killed Lance.
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