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The Arcane Death Game ( 16 Left alive ) Sub thread of Divine World]

Xeros, son of Quintana Lotus has become bored once again and has set up a 16 person mini tournament.
The victor will receive the privilege of becoming Xeros' chosen disciple and member of his 4 Arch Fiends assuming the name Rapheal and all his powers, additionally you may feed off of Xeros' magic life force and live as long as he lives, with the final prize being 1 wish that Xeros must grant if it is in his power to do so.

Character Creation is very basic as it will not affect the games except in very unique cicumstances, additionally characters from Gushy's Divine World may enter in this competition at the risk of their complete Erasion from existence.

the rules are as follows;

1. No use of Magic to change the results of a game
2. No mercy to be shown to other competitors
3. No attacking other competitors unless stated by Xeros himself
4. No insulting, cursing or attempting to kill Xeros
5. Have fun

Breaking any of these rules will lead to swift and complete Erasion


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