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the other possibility of the kolbold race

upto yet we have the standard kolbold, sandbold and snowbold

i could think of the eevee route but they eat the stone and gems in that climate/surroundings to adjust there colour,size or fur
i got a few ideas for other kolbolds like magmabolds/magbolds those who live around volcano and have a red and obsidian body and can withstand lava
wetbolds- kolbolds that live mainly in water regions and have coral on em
thorbolds- those who live in lightning areas and are just shocking if you get near em

any others you guys and gals and think of


  • Clever idea, but let's try thinking less Elements in the magical sense and more Elements in the physical sense.

    Ironbolds: Kobolds from the deep, with skin of Iron instead of stone
    Brickbolds: Kobolds who have adapted so well to city life that they resemble domesticated dogs rather than wild animals
    Magnabolds: Kobolds who have consumed copious quantities of Lodestones, giving them inherent electrical abilities.
  • Boldbolds! kobolds that spend time around other kobolds
  • Don't forget Six's Fluffbolds
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    if any race could get a new sup race it is the kobolds, as all other races have some type of sup race. i thing the kobold sup race would just be kobolds that have adapted to different environments over many generations. the way Deadbones and Rob where discussing snowbold in the start of the episode, made it seem that they saw it in a similar fashion to that.
  • I actually had this same Idea, and even started working on a Mod for it. It's no where near done, though. And I haven't really worked on it since August...
  • Snowbolds would be a cool new sub race.
  • @thackes and @friskyBrisky ;
    Actually, this thread is kind of supported by @emcuttsy 's thread: Geologist's Thoughts on Snowbolds. The thread actually goes into detail about all the different types of Kobolds there could be based off all the different types of rocks that exist. It's correlates with this post a lot, so I think the information there would be useful to you guys!
  • As a geologist, it hurts me that the "rocky" nature of kobolds is never really gone into - it almost seems like an excuse to avoid having an explicitly dog-kin race or whatever. But! There's so much potential!!! ROCKS ARE SO COOL.

    Rocks are so diverse, minerals are crazy and do amazing things, and there could really be cool stuff done with kobolds if they brought in more of the rock character - crystal exoskeletons? Sure. Stripes? Ok. Spots? Great. Protective spines, sharp points, and other growths? Absolutely! Also the colors possible are just so crazy - minerals can be almost any color, and most of our synthetic colors actually come from metal salts. You could also have flourescent kobolds, radioactive kobolds, and kobolds which look pearly or opalescent. You could have kobolds with gemstone colored eyes, or kobolds with little jewelry-like gem growths decorating their bodies. Kobolds could even change color based on their diets - a kobold born one place eating one kind of rock could end up looking totally different if it moved and changed its diet (great for confusing people hunting you, if you're a naughty kobold).

    IDK, there's so much fun to be had with these little rock puppers.
  • Whatever the Kobolds decide to call their gene strand, I'm sure it will rock! Ha see what I did there.
  • @emcuttsy when you said kolbolds with gem eyes i immediately thought of sableye from pokemon

    in robs world its still young and much to discover
    there might be a marsh land but not as in the marsh we now but the whole terrain is made from marshmallow and occupied by gummy eaglebears, gummybolds  and pastel gumlings
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