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Appropriate Language in Stream Chat



  • @Kaguban Could you put that in quoted syntax? It was bit confusing considering there's no way to tell it's a clarification.
  • Man, this kinda makes me glad that I tend to tune out chat a lot of the time. It was an awesome campaign and I loved Spiff's character (and the entire cast this week was actually spot on). Hopefully this will open some people's eyes or we can at least weed out some of the bad eggs (i am bad at mixing metaphors)
  • Rob
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    @slatts ;

    I disagree with the logic behind your first point my man. Having an open discussion makes it so users if they feel compelled to can make a public message. If I locked it, that doesn't stop users who feel the need to make a brand new public thread and if someone wants to come out against the statements I have made here, they are gonna do it one way or another so might as well have it in one place.

    As for your second point, if I believed what you said, there would be no chat. If twitch chat is all people can ever become online, then there is no purpose in me keeping it. People don't give a shit about their twitch accounts. It takes 5 minutes to make a new one.  People care about their urealms accounts and already wouldn't want to lose the "progression" they have. Because of this people already behave better and you gotta give me this point if you have been here for awhile now.

    You are also then giving me this example of someone who has nowhere near the amount of experience of handling an audience my man. I just ran a campaign where during the breaks my fans, in mass protest, demand I replay an ADVERTISEMENT for a 4th or 5th time that campaign. I appreciate the concern and completely understand and get what you are trying to say, but this thread in a lot of ways has already served it's purpose.

    After I made this thread, I promptly banned the users who I felt went way over the line 
    and then emailed them each a link to this thread with some additional words Over half of those users have already responded to me with regret and humility. 1 or 2 of them (it's hard to tell) did come back, make alt accounts and troll this thread for awhile today, but hopefully if they miss being part of this community they will come to realize their mistake and rejoin us. This thread was needed.
  • This is surprising to me, I couldn't watch the campaign live, so i'm currently watching the vod, with the new VodChat, and there was nothing like that. In my opinion, that shows how much of this community tends to say before they think, trying to get people to see their new "meme."
  • I was about to make a statement of how I was sad that nobody has responded with regret and remorse over their actions, and had apologized- but now that I see that they have in email, makes me feel a lot better.

    In essence, bad stuff like this is going to happen- but hopefully with this thread being gilded and at the top of the forums people will take notice of what not to do in chat next time. Keep up the good work Rawb, you're doing a good job at keeping this community great, even when stuff like this happens.  :D
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    As someone who isn't confident in their gender I really appreciated Rawb trying to play a character whose gender wasn't certain and tried to refer to them as they/them. I think our community has the potential to move past the knee jerk reaction of ignorant memeing and stubborn argumentation, and threads like this will fulfill its purpose.
  • I really appreciate you saying all of this Rob. As a transgender woman, it really means a lot to see you speaking up against people using the term 'trap', especially since it perpetuates an extremely harmful and dangerous stereotype about trans woman. Although your representation of trans people hasnt been perfect in the past, i understand that you never intended to cause offense and that you are trying to learn and improve with regards to that representation. Thank you.
  • Thanks to Rob and the mods for making this a community in which disrespectful language and behavior isn't welcomed. I hope some of the people who were banned take the time to learn why those terms are problematic.
  • Yikes, really amazes me people still do this kind of shit, you handled it well tho, great job Rob be proud and keep up the good work  :)
  • Thank you, @Rob. I've been watching your content for years, and honestly, you've made huge improvements with your tastefulness and responsibility over the years. The original Unforgotten Realms shorts and some of your earlier pokemon streams can be hard to watch, but Urealms has been a huge improvement.

    I'm hopeful the community can keep Urealms friendly and approachable, and that LGBT hate won't have a place in our community.
  • Thank you so much for striving to make this community inclusive and welcoming for everyone. Over the years I've watched the show go from almost always male-dominated/female-tropey to having really amazing, compelling stories about all kinds of diverse people and even having a female cast member! Bless you, bless, Spiff, and keep doing what you're doing because what you're doing is great. 
  • I'm just going to apologize now for the rest of this community. There is no excuse for chat to be this bad and I thank you for banning members who acted that way. It sucks that it had to happen, but you had to do what was necessary. 
  • this is why i watch full screen on twitch and leave the chat on my laptop
    the majority of the time it looks fun like with the sale spam but it's not nice to see when stuff like this kicks off
    characters created do what they want who they want to be with and how they pressive the world
    i personally loved spiffs characters and how she portrayed them and told there story and i'll add it made real feels connection wise
    i just hope this doesn't discourage spiff or any of the guys to go indepth in her backstories or tag along npcs
    when i get round to watching this live to the end and its 2am-5am i really appreciate all the hard work thats gone into each campaign and find it disrespectful being shat on by a very small minority
    i dont watch game of thrones but to me this is my game of thrones/x-factor/other popular show thats out there
  • it means a lot for me that rob came out and said this.

    i had to turn off chat multiple times during the stream because people just wouldn't stop. like i don't care what your excuse is, having been told its offensive and to stop why would you go out of your way to continue to offend when it literally takes more effort than just not being rude.

    When chats in communities act like this is makes me feel like I don't have a place here and when it goes unaddressed it often means I can't feel comfortable being in that community or engaging with that creator.

    So i'm glad rob and megan and everyone is being firm on this.
  • For being named Villain you sure are a hero here. @Villain
  • Why can`t people just accept a no. This discusstion has gone for to long.
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    as a Youtube viewer, I'm glad I didn't have to see all of that the other day. as a fan and community member, I'm really disappointed (EDIT: in the community members that thought this was okay).

    @Rob , your inclusion of lgbt characters is not only important, but I've seen it continue to get better each season. there have been some cringe moments (Bob and Phineas in the Sunswords was mostly played for laughs), but I want you to know how important the progress you and the team have made on the subject is to your community. we've had lgbt representation in 3 out of 4 campaigns so far this season (only one without was GPO, unless I'm forgetting something). as a guy who struggled with accepting myself as bisexual for several years (and still isn't out to my family), this really does make me feel welcome to be myself here. I'm positive that it makes other lgbt fans like myself feel the same way.

    as a fan from the original Unforgotten Realms series, I want to thank you, Rob. keep doing what you do
  • Woah bro. No LGBT in GPO? Did you forget when Sergio held Williams hand? That is the. Best Otp :S:.

    Seriously though, the progress is definitely showing. Doesn't feel forced either like some media. @Snonin
  • I just want to say thank you for calling this out rather than silently dealing with it. I hope hearing from you, who I'm sure the majority of users like and respect, will make some people think about this, if nothing else.

    I am one of those people that full screens and never uses chat, though I'll be the first to admit my tolerance for stream chats is much lower than the general streaming audience. Hell, my breaking point was way, way back in s1e2 after all the whining over that one event. But during Azveltara I didn't have anything else to do and I was enjoying the campaign and players enough I thought I'd see if chat was worth it now, a few episodes in after the move away from twitch chat. I enjoyed it for roughly 10 minutes until a solid spamming of "TRAP" filled the chat when Spiff's character returned to the screen and I remembered, Oh, Right, It's Not Worth It.

    It's hard to tell sometimes where content creators draw the line between what's not okay and what's fine because it's "just a meme" or whatever. So I apologize for my own private assumption that this specific topic was one you were passive on. Again, thank you for addressing it, Rob, it's really appreciated.
  • I will apologise here as I did infact say 'Trap' during the stream, I watch a lot of anime and so it's my response to any especially feminine looking men, didn't mean any offence by it but I can understand why you don't want it said, so I won't do it again in the future.
  • I'd like anyone still arguing that they should be able to use whatever words they want to note what the creator and ultimately host of this community stated in his post:  
    Take some bullshit moral high ground about how it's just a word, but this is not a platform for you to talk about free speech.
    That should end your argument right there.  This place isn't yours. It's Robs. He said no. Don't like it? Go create Trap Realms and make that language acceptable there.
  • @CorruptedData We have been an entire page without anyone arguing so your comments a bit late.
  • When I first started watching Rob, I was kinda a shitty kid and I'd make those kinds of jokes all the time. Then, after a while, I realized I was bi. Around that time lords had started, and the community there really helped me feel more comfortable in my own skin at a time where I had to grow a lot as a person. The fact that you spoke up about this means a lot to me because, in a way, the shift in your content really helped me along as I shifted as a person. The communities you build have always been a home for me and I'm extremely grateful :heart: 
  • @Rob i love you so much and how much you care about your community
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    I would express my opinion, but I kinda expect I'll be banned, cos of the complete lack of people opposing Rob in recent posts. Sigh...
  • @Kyolus you posted this hoping someone would say "Why, what do you have to say?" so you could feel no guilt about stating opinions that are clearly not shared by the people making the content you're here to consume in the first place.

    Maybe read the post again, man. And if you still really wanna repeat a weak argument that I'm sure has already been covered, don't try to trick people into requesting it of you.

    Own up to your own thoughts without requiring backup or don't post anything at all. And if you're scared of losing a completely free account over them, maybe they're not opinions worth having, anyway.
  • I love how inclusive and progressive this show has become. It depicts a world where everyone respects each others sexual orientation. So that's why it boggles my mind how so many people, that there's obnoxious spam of it in fucking slow-chat mode, can't take a minute, no, a second to suspend their disbelief an inch and show some respect for their fellow community members by not severely misuse terms they were specifically asked to not use that way.

    I love the show, but I feel that a re-watch on Youtube will be better than how I felt watching the campaign live because I knew the chat was being as toxic as it was on the right.
  • @KuraCara I in fact did not want to have anyone back me up. I had decided not to post anything here, and that post I made was to express my distaste in how I felt I was not welcome to express my opinion, which your response has proven is the case. I think how you responded to a harmless, resigned post, with nothing aggressive or rude, is quite inappropriate. You were aggressive, attacked my opinions and were altogether unkind. I think perhaps you need to have a look at your post and think about what you said.
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