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(Spoilers) The Monument Of The Divines (List Of All Divine Decisions/Deciders)



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    Yeah. I guess there is the possibility that she was never on the Forums

    Hey, since you left the stream page up, is there any possibility that you left the chat up too? I remember Arget being there for the Final Combat

    Just do something like, Ctrl + F and then type her name or something if you could
  • This is a picture of what the stream looked like for a moment, the entire screen:
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    @Phendrix The chat is blank. There is nothing else I can do with the steam page at the moment(unless you like to see the legendary cards again). But I remember that he/she was there. and if i remember correctly the first letter was Capital A in chat.
  • Thanks for your work Astora!
    And gratz again on your short but memorable appearance (and kudos for the way you handled the fact :D )
  • By the way, we do have a Divine Decision Page on the wiki. Congrats on your appearance in Urealms!
  • Arget is level 12. For some reason, they don't have a page for the forums, but they do have one for the main website?
  • @Mayonnaisinator @phendrix @astora
    Just as i thought, probably never visited the forums, or made one command, So thats why we couldn't use the @command. I hope she/he takes a look a the forums soon. Because than we could give her warm welcome
  • Thank you all for the info and research! Updated with % chance.
    I just wish I had Campaign 3 numbers now, but I think it's too late to obtain currently.. :frownporc: 
  • @Pillowkeeper Honestly, if you'd like, I could redirect this page to the wiki if you want. :) You can take the calculations and trivia from this page to the wiki as well and we can combine the info with the cool setup and image. It'll be more accessible to people and it'll promote the Wiki, which is always good. :3
  • I'm here now! Rob actually just sent me an email, the software broke because I hadn't been to the forums before. And yes, I'm level 12, though the forum might not represent that.
  • @Astora
    (Did you use the seconde photo for the calculation? because the first one is beter because it was taken couple minutes after the dd. and for the other it was around 15k votes. one got around 12k. The other 3k)
  • @Spacewalker wait what? I used the first for calculation, yes. Should I use the second one instead? :oh:

    @argetbrisingr I'm glad you joined the forums and congratulations on your win! :)
  • @Astora nope the first one is correct. The second one was only to show that people were still voting after the dd. (Beside i made a screenshot during campaign 3 from the dd, but something went  wrong and it didn't save it  :( )
  • @Spacewalker Oh ok, so I put the right one up then. :3
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    @Astora ;
    yes. I just recalculated and it is the correct number. (Isn't it an idea to just make a guess calculation for the third dd winner. I think he was lvl 11 then. So 11/ 15000%)
  • @Spacewalker I don't like putting up false information, even if it's an estimate... It just feels weird to me.
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    @Astora ;
    Yeah that is understandable. Do you at least know which lvl he was during the campaign. or are the voting numbers and his lvl unknown?
  • @argetbrisingr Also, what pronoun do you identify with? I don't want to assume and call you a "he", but I can always leave it as "they" if you prefer not to disclose that information.
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    @argetbrisingr Didn't saw that you already comment on the forums. But i was speaking of the third dd winner.
    (Think of those smiling phineas as of it where crying laughing phineas)
    :) wow  :) At the moment i am crying because i am laughing so hard. The idea of hearing that the software broke down because you didn't visit the forum is hilarious. The big Kenny zoom in made it worth it to stay up until 3 am. Again Welcome to the forums and congrats on winning the dd
  • @Astora If you wouldn't mind, we'd really appreciate having this info on the wiki  :) Thanks a lot!
  • @Pillowkeeper When the wiki page is updated, I'll close down the updates on this thread and just redirect to the wiki. :)
    There's no point in having it twice, after all.
  • @Astora I've updated the page as much as I can with the info we have right now, Do you have the percentage for Azveltara Z?
  • @Phendrix argetbrisnigr funny enough had never been to the forums. In order for that to work, they need to have at least CLICKED and loaded the forums once! I had to ask them to visit the forums today for another similar minor issue haha
  • edited October 2017
    @pillowkeeper nope, I only know that he was lvl 11 during the campaign. so if we got the total votes we could calculate it
  • @Rob That is pretty funny and interesting how they hadn't even loaded the forums before, lol.
    @Pillowkeeper Yeah, that's a problem. I do not have that info, and I doubt many people recorded it. Even at the time and to this day I have yet to gain contact with @Qazerquoi about it.
  • @Pillowkeeper Could you input that Justin was the original winner of the first DD (S3 C1) into trivia as well?
    I wish I could edit and input that info, but it seems everything is placed into a widget that I cannot access in the page.
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