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Campaign Thread: The Purge



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    That divine decision infinite zooming glitch was Hilarious! Favorite part of the campaign, I really hope Haunter leaves it in
  • This one was preety amazing, especially love the new brutal death system and how off the rails it got, to the point where at the end even rob was kinda completely out of options.  :) Also the death rolls are legendaries is really ingenios! Makes it so you getting something good is just as likely as you dieing  :D
  • I loved it, especially after they got past the Hat Rats. This Campaign was fantastic.

    I have a bad feeling the GPO and Bopen's Crew are screwed because of this campaign that should've been inconsequential. Funny how even (what are supposed to be) the most common people in the Realm ended up changing so much in one campaign...
  • i loves this campaign but i really wanted a party wipe but 2 out of 4 isn't bad 
  • This campaign continued a trend in this show of almost no player character deaths. In a campaign of villagers going against the realms most powerful heros in a campaign called, "The Purge," every character was still alive at the end sans one who tried to strangle a god(in a very cool story way, I admit). I often found myself begging for one of the powerful enemies to just finish someone off. The final encounter was Lance with a brutal death bow, which had enough power to fly over the horizon, was stopped by a piñata. I know there is a reasonable game master fear of being a dick and going to hard, and also the limitations of the dice rolls which are ultimately the cause of victory against the numbers and math put into the monsters and enemies. It's impossible to predict or manipulate while keeping the game fair. I wish spiff died for added tragedy in her family. I wish deadbones succumbed to the spirt snakes of jormr after killing her mentor. The party was able to pass the peasant barrier and donation gimps with meta cards and luck, which was frustrating and it didn't do a good job of making the grand paladins look like badass ageless slayers sent by gwenyth. 

    Despite this glowing problem, I enjoyed it because it's urealms, and urealms is awesome. I still wait for the day we get a party wipe, which may not be this season, but it has to come eventually. The humor was top notch, lots of funny jokes and the characters were all very funny, especially the mayor. My favorite part, as with many of the recent campaigns, was the ending. Cinematic Bopen came through with an all star  cast to show who's boss. I would have preferred Bopen to come while the party was down and at the mercy of the paladins. But even though the party was winning, Bopen reminded the party the ultimately lost and called them to action. I'm glad Roamin didn't join the ageless, it really made his character I feel.

    I don't know how to end this, so thank you, everyone who makes this show.

  • That was probably one of the best campaigns of Urealms period, the characters were great and the roles were on point which is honestly insane. The fact that this campaign almost had a hat rat kill a Boemoth is incredible. 
  • @equinox_comics It's actually 1 of 4. Believe it or not Deadbones' character is still kicking, or something to that effect, in the realm of holding.
  • I have to say, this season has been great so far, props to everyone involved, and whoever made the music for this campaign, it was great, the music really made this campaign for me. Of course the lore and stories were great to ;) Hype for the next campaign!
  • true but i don't think he has a way out and he doesn't have a teleport so he has no food or water so he's not dead now but he will be @Bevan
  • @NovaXII I can see the Nater retelling the story 2 years from now. (spoilers, btw) 
    "Down on there luck, the party wash up on a beach, only to be meat by the GPD. On there last leg, the party give all they have to try and not die. Deadbone (insert the real character name where the cast is said) tries to help Spiff from a Lance arrow. She accidentally teleport herself into the realm of holding, and summon a pinata to stop the arrow. Missing there mishap prone member, the party slowly start to gain an advantage, eventually leading to both Jormr and Fjord Stormstick where close to death. Lance tried valiantly to save his friends, only to put himself in harm ways. Lance is quickly killed by an army of hat rats control by Justin. Right after Lance death, Bopen shows up. As a final act of humility, Bopen revives Lance as an ageless, then let him run away. Bopen skull was crush for a second time by Roamin while he was beading out from a wound inflected by Bopen. Soon after the death of Roamin, Bopen reassemble himself using bones of the fallen warriors of the battle."
  • @equinox_comics Ageless don't need food, as it turns out. He's well and truly living, I'm afraid.
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    deadbones lost a Character to the realm of holding, OK this is the second time, i think we need a side campaign in the realm of holding or something :smileneena: 
  • oo right i forgot my bad you right@Bevan
  • also, favorite quote of the campaign for me is this. Rob talking to Spiff "long ago, we had a campaign that the 4 characters jump into the realm of holding , and we had to stop the campaign since it was a place that didn't have lore yet". Reason why this is my favorite quote is because it tell you how unpredictable the campaigns can be. I always up for a mix of randomness and railroading. both are fun when use correctly.
  • @personayoung I would KILL for a Realm of Holding side campaign. I wanna see my floofbold  :3
  • fat rats was my favorite part
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    Chat tries to save the party with Bopen. but then Bopen goes and kills Percy  >_<
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    All I have to say is this:

    Rob had the gal to "dare".

    And goddamn did it pay off
  • Man, we’ve had a chain of absolutely stellar campaigns this year. And I have to say out of all of them, this is probably my favorite. The characters were phenomenal (Percy is probably my favorite Roamin character yet), the story played out fantastically, the combat was exciting, there’s just so much to be praised. All in all, this was an amazing campaign and I hope that future campaigns continue to be this good.
  • After seeing this campaign I am all for season 4 removal of anytime. Like jeez players can interrupt and dodge attacks way too many times.
  • @Devilishrhythm the problem wasn't the dodging, the problem is that Rawb is scared from time to time and ends up making it easier then it should be
  • It was also a bit funny how its glanced over how bopen was the 29 holder of the goblet of mysteries, with morton being the 30th holder.  ~_~

    I really liked percy, kinda wanting him to just roam the world, searching for the truth about his father, but in the end its kinda impossible for that to happen now. (Atleast bopen has a giant skull now, because that is PROBABLY the best victory he could possibly have gotten outside of killing some one who is more easily killed tham him but eh it was a pretty anime way to die, that is ALL that matters. :smileneena: 
  • I am a bit salty Deadbones survived a BRUTAL DEATHROLL, or as Rob put it in chat, "He died, then became ageless" which I GUESS works, but that's a bit of a copout.
  • @Max I mean, his skull wasn't crushed. He was fair game to be brought back.
  • @Mercury I agree, I think the game is too good to the players especially by the fact that they were at half stamina going into the fight. I chose Lance because I wanted a party-wipe or at least a lot of death knowing that he could die to Bopen (although I felt that maybe Bopen could show up after Lance finished which was what I was hoping for) but it didn't matter in the end because even though the party failed to kill any of the Paladins at the port, they were still able to take down one of the strongest leaders of the GPO. You would think the odds would be stacked against them at character creation and with "nerf Roamin" but even these relatively weak player characters of peasants with no fighting skills and the maximum/worst amount of opponents possible were able to win before Bopen came. What's that say about characters that actually have a class and good attributes? Also, Fjord hitting people with a 1 damage goblet when he is part of the GPO was weird.

    Overall, it was my favourite of season 3 because of the characters stories and I love it when small npc's get named and become a part of the story. I think a better divine decision would have been if Bopen showed up or not even though in the end it didn't matter but as soon as I saw that donation event I thought "well the GPO loses this battle no matter what" and having that fixed outcome that you know Lance is going to lose wasn't as exciting (still exciting that we find out which player characters live/die).
  • @Loveland Yes but mind you this was a BRUTAL DEATHROLL in ACID. Should be at least disfigured or destroyed in some way 
  • So now that roaming has destroyed vergo's skull does that mean phone as doesn't see Bowen as his grandpa which means roaming could have ruined the story and Open has no way of trick phineas anymore and could just leave which means are'rai would leave or die same with phineas and I pretty sure Rob wouldn't want to kill phineas
  • I just want to add that I loved death rolls in this campaign. The NPCs having to get higher than a 5 made it more exciting. On nearly every death roll I was scared for that character. The brutal death roll system is brilliant! It definitely makes it more realistic that if you're on the ground or stunned that you would die unless a miracle happens. I hope Rawb keeps the legendary roll being the same as a death roll because it causes the fun dynamic of risking your life to become stronger. Amazing campaign, great job to everyone involved!
  • People are mad that Bopen didn't die.. but he did. In fact, Virgo killed him as well.

    In the last act, Bopen spoke of rebirth; he's probably died a lot, but is able to reconstruct himself.
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