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Planning on getting a shirt or two. Which style is best?

I'm planning on getting at least one shirt before the sale ends, but I've never bought from Teespring before and would like some advice from those who have gotten shirts from there before:
Should I get the Hanes Tagless Tee, or the BELLA+CANVAS Unisex Premium Jersey V-Neck?
I normally don't wear V-Necks, but I don't like tight-fitting collars and I have no idea how tight the normal Tagless would be around the neck. But also I dont have any idea what the fabric quality/texture difference is between the two, so I want to make sure there isnt a drastic difference.



  • I personally prefer the V-necks over the normal, the fabric is very soft and feels better on my skin than the other. I mean they are both high quality material, its just the normal fabric is just a bit stiffer than the V-neck. Hope this helps :)
  • The V-neck is great.
  • Do the V-Necks have tags unlike the Tagless Tees? Ive actually gotten very used to tagless shirts
  • If you have never tried a V-Neck, try a v-neck. I didn't start wearing them until I was 27-28 and realized I been wearing the wrong kind of tshirt for my frame.
  • Thanks for the advice! (Wow got a reply from rob over this mostly pointless thing) I'm going to go ahead and take the advice and get a v-neck since 3 out of 3 endorsed it.
  • V-necks are the best :P
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