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Bopen's Crew is massive

I did some counting and after this campaign only Bopen's Crew has 21+ members. That's not including any Senate of Deadlantis members, so my question is. How can Rawb make a way for the Sunswords to stand a chance? Maybe he wants it this way, I'm not sure.


  • just more core paladins I'd presume. the full scale war isn't going to be happening anytime soon
  • More paladins and just give the characters more fire power in general.
  • Something big will have to happen to give them a chance, I mean one of their core leaders was defeated by peasants and villagers that weren't even trained to fight against them.
  • I hope Bopen gets a fleet of Reapers to scorch the shores, and plunder villages.
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    For reference, his crew consists at this point of...
    • Skeleton King: Bopen, Are'ani, Clott, Luca, Tobias Cragg, Krungor, Charles, Jamboree
    • Senate of Deadlantis: Phineas(non-ageless), Bob, Merci, Cain, Ladyir
    • The Purge: Morton, Nylys, Jormr, Magnir, Ringam, Charlesworth
    That's 19 confirmed members so far, not counting the random Jimmies and other minor NPCs that were named after the donation event contributors and the countless amounts of Skeletons.
  • You forgetting that the Grand Paladin Order may have the entire weight of most living characters on their side if the elven council joins Gwyneth which given the losses they just suffered adds more fuel to the elves side!
  • Both sides have an army, and both side have declared war. At this point its only a matter of time until one side starts to waver and with the death of Lance Willakers, it feels like the living are going to have to play more defensively then offensively. Then again, if the eleven council get involved theirs no telling what will happen. 
  • Bopen's Crew might only have 21 members, but there have to be hundreds of skeletons bending to his command, if not thousands. Who knows, Bopen might actually control the Behemoth. Sure, a rat might've almost killed it, but that Behemoth has some serious strength. It rips apart ships with ease.

    The Grand Paladin Order, plus potentially the Elven Council as Rob said, can almost match Bopen just by themselves. There are some STRONG characters we know the history of in these groups.
    Not to mention the Dwarven Clans,  and any mercenaries willing to risk their life for money.

    Definitely pretty much impossible, BUT, Quintara Lotus herself may provide assistance. She is on the Elven Council after all, and may join the fight with Gwenyth. Maybe some great paladin climbs her tower, and asks for her help in taking down Bopen.

    The Sunswords definitely have people, they just need to know what can take Bopen down.
  • Don't forget that the lich king Rat Queen Mayor Morton commands an army of not only hat rats but can control all nearby ageless (including thralls). Bopen's not ready yet, but his army's looking badass so far.
  • Sure Bopen's crew is strong, but they are just still people. We've seen them take out some tough groups, but nothing really large scale except Dundinborough, and we don't know the details there except how it ended. We do know the Ageless lost during the first campaign this season, and that was just the GPO, not the full force of the living. If Bopen's crew gets trapped the living will just pick em off one by one until it's just Bopen, who will probably get the Dalfgan treatment at that point. There's a lot of work to be done before Bopen's plan of killing or turning the whole realm really starts to be possible, and I can't wait to see how he does it.  >_<
  • Bopen imo has the strongest faction. The GPO is huge plus the elves and dwarfs but not enough of them are fleshed out characters. The characters from this campaign were supposed to be weak but they got legendarys. If the GPO gets a few more player characters with legendarys instead of all these jimmies then they will be in better shape and I believe by the end of the season they will be.
  • I just remember roamin the paladin is in Urealm 

  • But the living have way more numbers. 21 plus fleshed out versus 15 or so fleshed out living and a way bigger army? Living have the edge for sure. Some members of Bopen's crew aren't even too good. Cain is just funny, he isn't too powerful. Ladyir is Ladyir. @Awesomeagle23
  • So what if the Jimmies are just Jimmies? This most recent campaign has proven that they are capable enough on their own. Remember that one guy jimmy who survived that brutal Death Roll and blasted The Mayor with a legendary beam of legends? I think the Order is in good hands. Hands enough to lay on, if you will.
  • Well, the way I look at it, it's less of a war and more of a continental seige. The Ageless aren't going to do anything stupid by charging in guns blazing until they have an assured victory, until then they can just raid port towns and turn everyone they meet, which while it could take generations, would make them powerful enough to slowly constrict the living down to smaller areas by having their armies invade deeper and deeper into the territories, not risking anyone important and maybe even launching some preliminary assaults against the GPO's outlying outposts.
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