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How to kill Bopen



  • @Justicetom ;  the mist is connected to the sword, and  Roamin could possibly been able to break the sword. so never say never 
  • @LexderMob well, then that means it's the sword that needs to be destroyed, not the mist. 100% agree it could be the sword, but I doubt it's the mist ITSELF
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    the mist is what goes in the vessel so it might be a soul that inhabited the sword, so if you destroy the sword the soul might still be around but in a power less state. @Justicetom ;
  • @LexderMob I fully believe there is a good chance the mist is Bopen's soul, but I was merely pointing out that it isn't the most likely method of killing him. 
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    @Justicetom ; none of these theories are yet likely. hence the name theory. we know too little still
  • @QzxlyT putting Bopen in the Realm of Holding would be fucking hysterical.
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    @Justicetom Well, while rob did ask how roamin wanted to "kill" bopen, I don't think rob would have let him do the correct thing to fully destroy him, not because "plot armor" but really because roamin's character wouldn't know, bopen was just an ageless to him. The only way i could see is a kill that completly destroyed bopen's skull AND additionally his sword/ring/whatever it is that makes him live, and roamin calling for that. But well what if's and such
  • @LexderMob I'd prefer not to even call them theories, but I suppose common use often branches away from scientific use.
  • Maybe if Roamin had used bopen's own sword to kill him he would actually be dead.
  • @Pyrotrap ; you are absolutely right, i see them more as hypotheses.
  • @Falirion Although he might have 'ahem'ed it, the fact stands that the way he was killed mattered. If there was no chance of Roamin doing the right thing, he wouldn't have asked that. He would've just gone "alright bopen dies and reforms with your body". But he did ask. Even if Roamin didn't know how to kill it, he had the chance
  • @Justicetom Well I do agree here, just in case that wasn't clear, just pointing out that roamin had to think of something very specific, and it still having to make sense with what  his character knows.
    @KlondikeBar I like that Idea, not for its practicality but for the sheer hilarity of the someone trying to do that :)
  • i see shadow realm and i think ITS TIME TO D-D-D-D-DUEL
  • Ok, a little wild theorycrafting ahead, but it JUST appeared to me when Bopen killed Roamin with the telekinetic sword move.

    Bopen is confirmed, I believe, to be a god or the child of one.

    The Dragons turn into metal (Silver for the one we KNOW died).

    Golstandt is the currently surviving Dragon Aspect / God. Emphasis on Gol(d).

    Deadbones’ ice-cream lady from The Birth of Magic campaign was impregnated by Golstandt (via magic, but whatever), and - here’s the important bit - the baby died.

    What happened when the second dragon died? It turned into a mountain’s worth of silver, and an Ageless dragon.

    So my theory is as such:

    Golstandt knocks up Deadbones. The baby dies, and becomes a chunk of gold. Deadbones is made Ageless by the merfolk. Sometime later - a long time later - Bopen is born or removed through some means. Maybe Ageless-DB got torn in half, or had her skull crushed. But Gold-Chunk-Bopen got out.

    Then someone made a Sword out of him. And it got into the hands of that little shit princeling back in The Fall of Dundenburough(?). Then it started possessing him like a horcrux, before ‘being born’ as Bopen for the first (or second? First successful?) time, taking the prince’s bones for his first lich-puppet body.

    Additional points for; Ageless… more or less stay the same once they’ve been Turned. If Bopen was turned before he was ever even born to begin with, being a creepy horror movie baby in mentality makes total sense. And Rawb himself said that Bopen was like a child, attention seeking and short of attention span.

    Point against; Other elves, including however many were ‘made’ by Golstandt and the other dragon, don’t randomly turn into Gold/Silver when they die. Possibly hand-waived away by the fact that it happened during TBoM.


  • What if someone killed him in a isolated area then they jumped into the Realm of Holding so Bopen's aura had no where to go?
  • He might have a Nader Gem on his ring or sword. I have no idea what that means, I have to catch up on my Unforgotten Realms.
  • I bet the gnomes could create a mechanical device to kill Bopen. Or even a benu (if there are any that remain) I mean for all we know Bopen could just be a pathological virus that has infected the world of urealms and causes people to think and experience events that were really just cased by people
  • Bopen's power was hidden,in a Ring of all things.
    Forged by the gods,
    this Ring made him King.

    For no one could slay him,
    and soon everyone would fall.
    Bopen took all he could find,
    no treasure was too small.

    Soon he had stolen everything,
    and taken all the lives.
    With none left to plunder,
    his crew would soon die.

    And then Bopen was alone,
    with no one left to betray.
    For Ageless is a curse,
    that locks your spirit away.

    Those who fear death
    will always be afraid.
    Because all things must live,
    and all things must fade.
  • @Lone Is that from something?
  • @Pyrotrap its from the Child Story "Bopen the Skeleton King" which was told to the Prince Phieneas (the owner of exaliju' aka Bopins Sword) in Fall of Dundingbuorth. It was his favorite bedtine tale, before he was mysteriously killed with his family.
  • @Arweynn there are problems with this theory. first, he isn't a god, he claims to be, but sandbolds have successfully used time magic on him, time magic doesn't work on divines, and i don't think rob would forget something so important. second, golstandt isn't dead, he just went insane when phanto died. third, gold is made out of ALL magic not just dark, magic can be turned into gold, and vise versa.

    Sorry if this comes off as mean or anything like that, just found some holes, if it wasn't for them i would believe you 
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    Looking at the Bopen poem again a thought occurs to me. It talks about Bopen's crew dying once he had stolen everything and killed everyone and how then Bopen was alone and how the ageless curse locks the spirit away. Then the next verse moves on to talking about fearing death. This makes me now think that maybe the secret to killing or at least imprisoning Bopen is to kill his entire crew. This would also explain why Bopen is so focused on recruiting crew members they are basically ablative shielding to keep him alive... err undead. Also something that struck me was when Mayor Morton was recruited Bopen transferred Purple energy into Morton. Maybe he was making sure to tie his life force to Morton's who proved himself to be as powerful as Lance.
  • I believe a Blacksmith thane with magnetic crush could kill Bopen/break his sword.
    The sword is metallic, Magnetic crush would allow him to take it from bopen at a distance using roleplay and keep it still long enough for him to look at it and figure out how to break it. At the same time, keep it away from Bopen cause that looks like the only way for him to attack/effect non-ageless.
    Use a blunt weapon like the siffrian hammer to the middle part of the blade REALLY HARD! Easily a blacksmith with magnetic crush could do this.
    Blacksmiths make weapons and could easily identify the best place to hit a sword/blade to break it in half.
  • @Gterra2 Eh... That's actually argueable
    Firstly while all metals (and really all particles) are magnetic at some level, Gold is not a Ferromagnetic material, which is what we normally think of as "magnetic".
    Secondly, regardless of real life physics, gold in Urealms is made of pure magic, so there's no reason to think it would be magnetic anyways.
  • @Pyrotrap kay so dragging lightning or grand raven's claw then? No longer specific to just "Ferromagnetic metals", these can grab any material and hold it in place.
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    I agree with @Justicetom ;, if Bopen could not be killed Rob would not have asked Roamin the specifics of the "killing" blow. here is my take on it
    Gold is magic in URelms
    Bopen can survive having his skull crushed
    a magic aura that moves the sword and inhabits bones comes from the sword
    So Bopen is probably the sword, (and I do not think that there is a ring as in all of the art for Bopen we see no ring, and I say probably because until rob confirms it or we see Bopen die we will not know for certain)
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