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[Spoiler] Characters and Destiny in this campaign

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Sorry for this wall of text that few will read, but I needed to write something in response of this campaign.

This show was more that awesome, and I think that it may be the best one yet like some of you for many different reasons. Yes, there was good comedy in the beginning, a lot of tense moments with death rolls, but what really made this campaign is the amazing stories of the characters.

These 3 peasants and novice sharpswordman defied destiny COMPLETELY. We all believe, including Rob, that some of them would die, that their story would be simple tragedy, but they defied destiny so many times... This is the perfect proof that every character can have a great story, that they can choose their own destiny not the one that the world had chosen for them.

It's amazing how these characters survived, these peasants successfully escaped their town being purged, defeated an old rat queen, eliminated trained Paladins (that were ready to kill ageless), survived a Behemoth and killed one of the most powerful dwarf and Paladin. They survived through the blood of the Old Gods, and become heroes as simple townsfolk.

Nylys just wanted to live with her love and successfully protected her through the campaign, then she died and she continued to fight for her. Raenna was everything for her, she couldn't live without her. It was already a tragedy that Raenna died alone, the best outcome for Nylys would have been that she died with her wife, it was a traced story where her last act would have been looking towards the ocean dying by Bopen hand while still having one last hope. But it didn't happen, she survived and become a mind slave, shattering her destiny into pieces to become just a puppet. She had the most tragic story, she, that just wanted peace and love now have no purpose, no destiny, just nothing then eternal life.

Morton a simple greedy tax collector and the mayor became a real leader by leading his people to safety, saving as many as he could, becoming a powerful warrior with the power of the rat queen he defeated by himself, killing Lance Willakers and leading his ageless people to victory. A character that only purpose was gold could become a general to Bopen with his ability to control the ageless. What is sure is that he survived his destiny and became more that he could ever have imagined as the simple mayor of Reldawin.

Ida, obsessed with finding her destiny, with overcoming who she was to become something more. She faced death many times, but always survived, was she really unlucky? Because even if she was destined to fail, in the end she finds what she always wanted, her own purpose, her own destiny. And this after she was led to become an ageless, a fugitive, after she was led to kill her master and to be a simple woman full of shame without purpose. But, unexpectedly ending her life as a mocking target of the world, she discovered that her destiny wasn't in the world that treated her like garbage, but in another world where she is now free.

Then Percy, the 8 feet tall, keen, living in the shadow of his father that he wanted to understand, that he wanted to match, not necessarily in atrocity but as a sharpswordman. He, who hasn't even faced death until the very end of his story, was bombarded with doubts of who was his father, who he should be, who he should really help, the living or his family. And when is mother died, he was offered a destiny, a reason to fight the Paladin that killed an innocent life. But he chooses is own story, defying the somber path of easy revenge against a pawn. He chose to live having a life full of purpose ahead of him, fighting on the beach for justice. And when justice was deserved, when Bopen walked to him and offered him a destiny already planned for him as a powerful warrior fighting an evil order that killed innocents, perhaps even fighting alongside of his father, he just refused it. He chooses to make his own story, his own destiny, even if it meant that he should die, he defied Bopen and destiny by just walking away. And then, dying by the hand of a godlike entity, he destroyed Bopen, what only one before him had accomplished and then died for nothing than his personal choices and spirit. Death is your only ending, choose it wisely.

All these characters had incredible development and evolution each getting an ending perfectly representing their stories, Nylys lives the darkest tragedy, Percy dies forging his own path, Ida finds that her destiny was more than just visions and Morton choose more than simple greed and becoming a real leader with full potential.


  • Yeah, I loved how questionable each character's motivations are, and how tragically most of their stories ended. We went in to this expecting a lot of death from most of the characters but in the end most of them got a better, yet still extremely tragic, ending. I liked how Romain's character didn't join Bopen in the end, rather tried to seek his own destiny, and died with the stoic bravado that we have come to expect of sharpswordsmen.
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