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Thoughts and Grievance's with "The Purge"

This night's campaign "The Purge" was amazing on all accounts. I loved how everyone went all in on their characters. Possibly my favorite part was the dynamic between Spiff and her wife. You just had to love the dynamic between the two. When Spiff's wife died it was heartbreaking, I congratulate both Spiff and Rob on the character dynamic.

I loved the shifts between humor and seriousness. it never felt out of place or if one was overpowering the other, and what i found most amazing was the gradual shift of the campaign starting out humorously then ending on a solemn note.
That in part is because of Roamin and his relationship with his mother. I found the pair perfect for each other, and how Roamin's opinion of his mother shifted constantly just like with any angsty teen. but what i really enjoyed was how when his mother died he quickly grew up and matured.

But now to my grievance's. i didn't have many except two main ones. first off, how both Bopen and Lance were in the same place at the exact time. Bopen was my main concern, it kinda took me out of the story, it just seemed unusual he would show up at the exact time when our hero's had won their final encounter, especially since there was no clear motivation to him coming here. The next thing is how a few peasants were able to defeat trained warriors, now im all for the under dog but i feel that maybe the paladin's and such should have put up more of a fight.

Personally i loved this show, probably in my top 10, and im not trying to say it was terrible, far from it in fact, Rob always seems to out do himself on each campaign. he is also one of the most competent story tellers i have seen, he is able to take a variety of elements, characters, and goals, and turn them into a captivating story. but my main reason for writing this was to see if anyone felt the same attitude towards this campaign, flaws and all. All in all, Rob out does himself again, and i plan on seeing his shows regularly.


  • Rawb is so amazing he was able to entertain me for 9 hours...
    and also
  • Chalk Bopen arriving when he did up as the will of the old gods steering events to bring important people to the same place at the same time because that is what actually happened. It wasn't happenstance it was literal divine intervention (from us) that steered Bopen's ship. As to why he would stop he probably saw a wreaked ship with a battle on shore and decided to pad out his crew from the survivors..
  • @Valariumis ;
    I agree with the Paladin thing, but I think you gotta fault them 100% too for not bringing the numbers to win too. That and the players mid maxed very well that battle too that I don't think Rawb expected them to do that.
  • Rob
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    "It seemed weird that Bopen showed up to a city of ageless being raided after just getting the go ahead to go to war with the living."

    No, you should of felt this way if GWYNETH showed up. Lance showing up makes sense because he's just another solider following orders. He isn't the grand paladin.
  • Its important to remember that not only did all of the charachters get their legendary items, Justin also got an exceedingly powerful legendary axe. Then, following that, got the perfect roll on the random spell to allow him to cast more random spells. The paladins put up a significant fight, Lance's Bow was dishing out Brutal Death Rolls, they just got seriously unlucky.
  • @Rob Yeah, that is a good point. Lance felt a wee weak, but all these guys realistically are all rather on the same level of strength in a mortality sense. The show would be no fun either if everyone had plot armor so this week really hit hard and I LOVED IT. Plus, I thought it has been neat if you haven't noticed, but it seems like it's become a recurring theme for paladins/followers of the light to be overconfident.

    (Virgo/Lance not having bringing proper numbers to their fights, Bromas in unexpected, Dave in Porc Hunters and Murder Bros, Even Galen in a way since that fight w/ the murder bros was really close, Xavius multiple times, ect... I really like this theme.)
  • Despite literally every character having their legendary they also had some insane rolls that spared their lives during that last encounter, I think it went the way it should have gone
  • @SuspiciousFish ;
    Yeah, the dice really did tell the story there too tbh.
  • @CaptainDeston it's not plot armor if by all reasonable logic, the well know holy warriors were more powerful then the peasants.
  • To me it just seemed odd to have a divine desision to pick a harder boss fight then immediately  have a donation event to end it
  • @ollyroo but the donation even required a member of the party to die for it to be activated so it wasn’t an instant save at all really and in the end the party did so much better than they probably should have 
  • @Mercury Class really means nothing in the world, like in all other role play games class is a meta level thing used to decide what abilities the character can get.  Roamin wasn't a peasant, he was the son of a legendary swordsman.  Deadbones was the Luckiest Unlucky person with how the dice rolls affected him.  Justin was fairly strong to start out, but then he became the Rat Queen.  And Spiff didn't really need to do much, but had good suitability so the Bopen event didn't trigger early.  They were suppose to be "peasants," but they were much more than that and the Grand Paladin Order was taken down by their over confidence.
  • @Caspian Here's a good way to make light of the tragedy; If we had Vitali there, Bopen probably wouldn't have even bothered to raise him, so in a way we saved both?
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    @ollyroo ;
    I think the divine decision was not all about who they fought, as it did have a major effect when Bopen came along. Now it wasn't a guarantee that Bopen would show up, but without the divine decision we would probably see Vitali facing Bopen or maybe even the guys escaping without Bopen since it would have been an easier fight. To me it opens up possible outcomes, rather than force one outcome between too.  After all, with some dice rolls could have been possible Lance could have avoided becoming ageless even if Rob wanted that direction.
  • Well I really don't know about the paladins feeling weak, the dice did really tell the story here, honestly. Fjord could have completly destroyed justin were it not for that 20 on the mana shield, jormr had a spell that could literally oneshot ageless and lance was shotting brutal deathrolls and they did destory what they hit (including a legendary), the dice just didn't  really like lance hitting stuff aparently, which by the way makes me wonder what that charged shot would have done if his "normal" shots caused brutal deathrolls
  • I would personally argue that while they didin't officially have classes calling them untrained would be a bit of a stretch seeing as barring Deadbones who was probably the best representation of a Peasant we may ever get, they were all pretty teched out with a variety of spells
  • @Adsein That and you could say that they learned a lot that day. The most impactful day of their lives did something to them. Plus they were fighting for survival so something inhuman/Dwelf/Kobold(NotReally)/Gnome/Elf Awoke in them. It really was the GPO not bringing enough paladins at the end of the day.
  • @CaptainDeston

    Lance used 5/6 limited/anytime abilities and all of his attacks were brutal death rolls. In a campaign where characters only get Legendaries on failing Death Rolls, every Character got their Legendary. Sorry, but if Lance felt weak, that's the dice and they tell a story worth hearing. While we are following a party of Peasants, if that's all those Characters were then they wouldn't be worth following. The Characters each made backstories that fit the role of being a Peasant and most evolved to be much stronger by the end of the campaign. Lance underestimated the peasants, got cocky, and died. 
  • @Rob Yeah, I know. It ended up fitting what we got too. If Lance were to win we would have seen more 20s, but the dice made their choice last night. Our peasants had a lot of character development too and a lot of experiences in the time of the campaign that made them stronger. They grew and they fought for their lives against a (Once) great paladin that underestimated their strength and over estimated his own. It was the single campaign that blew me away the most. The season 1 style showed through and I was so conflicted in a good way. Lance still lives on and now he has a very interesting story.
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