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Spoilers: There Must Always Be A RAT QUEEN

A thread dedicated to Justin's character and his unbelievable power established in the recent campaign(including the ending).


  • His axe is my favorite weapon in Urealms. Those 4 random spells will come in handy at some point and I can't wait.
  • Man, a Justin character as good as JAX BLARTOWITZ, but is actually important to the story? i am so happy right now @HCJustin GOOD WORK MAN
  • I just realized, Imagine if bopen killed justin. Bopen would need to become the rat queen...

  • I still find it odd he has the title Queen as a guy.
  • Somebody just needs to get Morton some real gear. Right now the only thing holding him back is stamina. If he gets gear, The mayor of rats is gonna have a field day.
  • @Insane2201 If they called him rat king would just be gross

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    I voted Lance for the divine decision strictly based on the fact that if he had killed Morton, he would have became Ageless or had to brutal death roll based on the rules of the axe. In the end he did both, but it was in a much less funny fashion.
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    literally if Justin died with the rat queen powers, it would have been a cycle until lance became ageless anyway.
    1st the jimmies would have picked it up cuz jimmies are dumb, then Jormr or Fjorn would kill them and have to pick it up, and eventually Lance would have to  pick it up due to killing everyone ageless and too weak to fight the rat queen axe. 
  • The rat queen, if he sees any more campaigns, will probably be Bopen's right hand man. He would become super powerful! ( like arthas)
  • anyone else realize how op that axe can get if they pull release the beasts?
    justin had 12 hat rats after that spell popped... that's 13 random spells total from himself and all his minnions if he attacks someone with the axe. (IDK if i read the legendary's mechanics correctly)
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