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Campaign Thread: The Purge



  • @knguy I mean, maybe they are gonna be playing all dwarf for that week? Who knows really
  • Let our tears fall to remind them of our loss, as a reminder to the mortals we failed to protect, as one more obstacle to overcome, as another threat to pass, as our own sorrows, as our own power... 
    We killed them, and I already weep for them...

    fuck the philosophical nonsense, lets go watch some shit being killed! We don't have to deal with the consequences of our actions 
  • This purge needs to happen in order to protect the light. All the people saying Gwyneth is corrupt and loosing her mind, don't understand the immense burden facing her right now. Justin bought a card at character creation that allows him to control ageless beings for a few brief moments. Do you not think that Bopen has the power to puppet any ageless being he desires? Could you imagine the possibility of every ageless character being under the control of Bopen at any moment? Those ageless living in peace are potential weapons that could be used against the GPO. Gwyneth is doing the right thing. Her intelligence and strategy far supersedes Virgo's. Virgo was a great powerhouse and that turned out to be his downfall. Bopen can't be fought head on. He has to be outwitted in order to be defeated and Gwyneth possesses those skills required. 
  • Can't wait for the Percy Bast super sneak
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    It's funny, but all my DnD sessions seem to automatically coincide with a Urealms stream. Our last session happened during the Azveltara Z campaign and our next is tomorrow :\
  • this will be the first campaign I'm not watching on YouTube it look interesting as fuuuuuuuu    
  • I'm the most excited I've ever been for a live campaign. Don't know why, but I think this campaign will be amazing.
  • I still have Vitali as my profile picture haha, loved him from the start becauce I loved everytime Deadbones drew a random spell.
  •  I am very excited, love you monsieur rob <3
  • I hope Justin has like 100 children with his husband/wife and then his SO and all the children just turned ageless. 
  • @Big_Smoke Yes, we NEED a Boone avatar.
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    Sadly, this will be the first campaign I am not able to watch live  :(
    I have watched ALL other live shows up until this point, but I won't be available to watch this one :(
  • Two hours to go!
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    Oh man am i excited that this will maybe be the dirst week where we maybe get to see a diplomatic victory! Hopefully roamin doesn't forget :smileneena: (btw, there are TONS of emotes ive never noticed before!)
  • Nerf roamin is a buff lol
  • I'm so excited for this I think it will be good
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    10 mins get your snacks!
    Edit: nvm
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    40 minutes, get even more pumped!
  • 30 Minutes everybody! Prepare! :D
  • I absolutely need to draw Petal Step Kisses
  • @Sixelona omg six that is so adorable :kiss: 
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    Deadbones character has dyed.  The prophecy has been fulfilled :rawb: 

    Hmm maybe it was the other kind of died.  Guess it was still fulfilled. 
  • Not like this...
  • Will the SALE-song be uploaded on soundcloud? 
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    Chat has been just awful in the stream so far today. Really glad Rob stepped in during the break. It disappoints me how a bunch of loud-mouth's make all of us seem like 1000 biggots by calling out a couple for being lesbian in a universe where it's established that homosexuality is completely accepted.

    I know it's best to just ignore them, but I hope obnoxious shitheads could just keep an open mind and either act nicely or shut up.

    Edit: Fuck, I just realized what would be fitting for the campaign! "We should have a purge on bad commenters"
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