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The highbears have never really been prominent in urealms only being scene in companions and that one time in the woodcarvers there are many questions will they ever join the fight is their ageless highbears do they even care about what is going on with the other races


  • don't think that they will join the war as they are more stuck up then most stuck up elves, and also don't there are ageless highbears because kallisto (the sun-dragon/creator of the highbears) is still alive.
  • @scooter0427 Rob did say something about High Bears still being immortal, although I think he may have been wrong; if the High Bears are still immortal, then Bearo was never in danger of dying ever (although, Bearo is a Low Bear), and the two High Bears in Woodcarvers wouldn't bother fighting, or trying to vie for the 'Salmos' to help their fights.

    But you are right; High Bears are so far in their own little world that, even though they're the most powerful race, they just don't care about the world around them.
  • I could see highbears fighting against the ageless due to all the "dark" magic, but I think It's more likely they will just do their own thing unless provoked. 

    Don't poke the highbear
  • I think it would be cool if the highbears join the fight but on a meta level it would be hard to create highbear characters because rawb would have to make a second set of items just for high bears
  • @sbDjango Don't poke the highbear lol  :)
  • I don't think they will fight the ageless but they might fight Golestandt.
  • Remember, there a difference between immortal and invincible. And even if they cant die, they still have emotion that can be hurt. Also, they more against ice magic then dark magic (this lore is by no means canonical I believe, but at one point it was mention that Yvander force the highbears out of there original capital. Deaths probably happen,, since it was against a god).
  • @friskyBrisky It was because Phanto, the now moon, was protecting the elves, but after he died it's just Kallisto protecting the high bears iirc
  • @HeIsMan But again, that doesn't account for Bearo's (Millbee's Low Bear in Fall of Dundinborough) multiple near deaths, nor the two High Bears fighting in Woodcarvers. Even if we want to claim Low Bears aren't protected by Kallisto, it would then make absolutely no sense for High Bears to even bother trying to fight each other because they're both immortal, can't die, and can't even take substantial damage from anything less then a Dragon. And it would make even less sense to ask mortal 'Salmos' to join in said fight.
  • @sbDjango Highbears hate ice magic.  I don't think they have room to hate dark magic too.
  • Highbears are so interesting to me right now because as others have said, they act like everything going on in the world is unimportant. Makes me wonder what High Bears view as high importance.
  • @Nerva77 I have a feeling highbears will soon be the "Lord of the Rings" eagles where they save the party at the last minute and moving the plot

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    Actually, I believe it is Canon, since it was used in THe Tower of Ultimate Wizardry, in  Coober's OOC Quiz. It was a question for Deadbones I believe

    Either that, or it was the Lioness Statue. But I am 100% sure it was said in the The Tower of Ultimate Wizardry
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