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How are the accolades for each campaign obtained? {Closed]

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I only catch the first hour or so of a campaign and then I catch up via twitch because of time zones. I've just realised that I haven't got the accolades for the first two campaigns, which made me ask, do you have to watch the steam for a certain amount of time to receive them? And yes, I watched all three steams through the urealms website.


  • Just realised I kept calling the stream a steam, super hyped for the new campaign aswell  >_< >_<
  • @Torchman There isn't an accolade for each campaign. So far the accolades we know of are:
    -Donated in Season 1
    -Donated in Season 2
    -Donated in Season 3
    -Won a Divine Decision
    -Donated to the Birth of Magic event
    -Witnessed Master Assassins (You got this for watching Azveltara Z)

    And maybe any I'm forgetting. You get the EXP from a campaign and any other rewards like the Azveltara Z campaign for watching the stream while logged in for any amount of time, however, I would stay for a while and chat a bit to be safe.
  • There are accolades for  Season 1, 2 and 3 (K4 dice, Skull, and Grand Paladin Ankh) which you only get by donating in their respective season, so you can only get the Season 3 accolade for this year. The Sun Dragon Phanto accolade was tied to a specific event that you had to donate to to get it from Senate of Deadlantis, and the Master Assassin accolade was given to everyone who watched Azveltara Z because a certain donation was fulfilled, and none of the party died.

    There aren't always going to be accolades for specific campaigns (e.g. there wasn't one for Grand Paladin Order), and there are some more rare accolades (getting chosen for a divine decision) that barely anyone will have.

    As far as I'm aware, watching an hour of a campaign is enough to get "Watch Credit", so that means you would get any gold or exp given out from that campaign, or any extra rewards like accolades.

    Hope this helps :smile: 
  • Donating also gives watch credit! As well as gives you the avatars, even though they won't be done for a bit.
  • You have to watch live on the website. If you've been watching live on Twitch you won't have gotten the previous accolade and you would only get the Killed Phanto attribute if you had donated to the event. You'd also only get the season 1 and 2 accolades if you had donated to their repsective seasons.
  • @CookiesAndMil_ ; @Rob ;
    thanks guys! I actually understand it now!  :)
  • Fucking Jimmy (of all people) has all the accolades... I say we roast that pig!
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