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Is it true?

I been rewatching all the urealms episodes hope to be done by sat. I got done watching wood carvers and now watching Okagnoma Guild Hall. During it rob said how the female fans hated hearing moist all the time and was curious was that really true.


  • As a male fan I cannot help answer this question, but I for one do love the word moist.
  • I say moist all the time because girls hate hearing that word
  • whats a girl?
  • @Gterra2 i believe it is a race similar to a high bear, not entirely sure though
  • @Gterra2 its like a mermaid, but like not a fish...

    das a good question what is a girl? I genuinely have no idea
  • As a girl I was wondering about that comment too, I mostly waved it off as a joke and exaggeration. I may have snorted a bit or something. I mean folks use the word pretty often to describe things that are, you know, actually moist. Sometimes they use it when referring to the weather, not exactly that uncommon of a word in normal conversation (sure not the most common, but it's still not that rare), so I'm not sure how I wouldn't notice my friends being uncomfortable with it.
  • My sister absolutely despises the sound of the word.
  • I've known girls that absolutely hate the sound of that word, no matter how it's used.
  • finally getting some female to respond to this
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