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Haikus are cool, but what about sonnets?

I like Shakespeare. A lot. So I wrote a sonnet for URealms, titled "Ballad for Boris". If you have time, write one too! Rhyme scheme is ABANCDCDEFEFGG, and in iambic pentameter!! :smile: 

Ballad for Boris

If dreams are only what the mind procures
From life so fleetingly passing you by,
Then how, O' peasant, does your head ensure
The visions aren't naught but a lavish lie?
From your lips fall the words of ancient men,
Who sought nothing more than to learn the why, 
these questions burning tongues till they are spent  
A dreamweaver knows his visions can't lie.
With limp and quaking arms the man doth fall
Upon the floor where he receives the word. 
The word of truth, the word of future's all
Until he calms and proclaims what he heard. 
"Alack! A nobleman, a king was he
Who forged the Golden Sword for all to see!"


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    "Sister, Sister"

    Sister, sister, where have you gone to now?
    Down the depths of life's rocky misfortune?
    Avenge you I alone will solemn vow
    And retribute the Dark Dragon's foul sin

    Sister, Sister, would you protest me this?
    That I blight out these Lifeless heretics?
    If only I could give you one last kiss
    Go back to the days we played stones and sticks

    Sister, Sister, is my time drawing near?
    Is my body draining of life and love?
    My eyes adjust, my vision becomes clear
    I see Him circle in the sky above

    I make my way towards His crackling thunder
    He will be slain in your name, dear Gunter
  • Ooh, that was really well written :D I had to read it a few times to really absorb it (true to Shakespeare lmao). I love your rhyme choices and the amazing imagery <3
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    Yes yes Yes yes yes, yes yes.
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    yes yes yes yes, yes yes yes
    Yes yes yes....

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    Kobold kobold Kobold kobold kobold kobold, kobold kobold
    Kobold kobold kobold
    Kobold kobold kobold

    kobold kobold kobold kobold, kobold kobold kobold
    Kobold kobold kobold....
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    My Brother dear,
    Thou wish me upon thy adventurous plight?
    I wish to go there, not here
    See thy sun the swords exclaim

    My cousin, you know no clues
    Views are not the same as thrills
    Take me to see thy daily macabre views
    Thank you much for freeing me from my window sill

    I am a master through and through,
    No blankets, no darkness shall break my will
    I shall outshine thy men I see. brew beyond brew
    No man, No woman can silence my voice of shrill

    Can no man see thine potential?
    For like a dragon... I am a celestial!

    - Phineas: Master Cabalist!  

    Not super great but I tried!
  • Oh boy, well I gave it a shot!

    A grand dwelf magician who stood not alone

    But with exes and cohorts, for she was a queen

    She climbed a great tower, then sunk like a stone

    And her death would appear not to be the big scene.

    The friends by her side did not happen to cry

    But to stand and to gape, well it was a harsh blow

    They quarreled, unlaureled, and planned that they’d lie

    So good Brothers Flannigan would never know.

    But the lie somehow grew to a horrible thing

    From an innocent white, “She just had to go home”

    To, “A dragon did eat her, and death did it bring”

    Thus bringing the shock that she wont again roam.

    And ancient old Trandon did not have to beg,

    For the brothers believed it once they’d seen the egg.
  • These are gorgeous you guys <3 Such imagery in both of them, wow!!
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