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Elves are crappy people(or at least bad when they are in power)

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When have elves ever done anything good for anyone but themselves? 

Ever since the birth of magic they've been a pox on the realm. There first reaction to actual life and the pain that comes with it is unadulterated violence. Despite our great rejection of them, their fall from immortality, they still have the hubris to call the other races lesser. And what do they do with those races seen lesser races? Enslave them under some false doctrine of moral authority based on some vague connection with the light. Enslavement to feed their own vanity, dining on the flesh of their former champion just to for a fleeting extension of youth. Worse yet, genocide. Hasty at that, to murder countless people, so trusting of them to believe they were allies. There are no allies to the elves, in elfen eyes there are only expendable pawns to be cast away in a moment of fear or utility. 

And now, with there self imposed authority they've brought another order they've corrupted with their filth to war once again. On a mission of petty revenge for one elf who had far overreached his hand. And who shall they send to fight in this war? Elves for elves sake, but of course not! Dwarven and gnomish blood Will be split fighting the ageless (another boon of perpetuated by elves). 

Name one good thing the elves have done for this world, and surely I can name ten thousand blights.

I know not everything is true I wrote here, but man is it fun to hate elves.


  • What's this Pork doing dissing the elves? I think someone needs a visit to Theta Squad.
  • I mean, Lance would've been worse, but I see what you're talking about.
  • I just imagine if Lance was Grand Paladin, he'd have this conversation with his sword casually resting in his hands, like he's itching to behead anyone who disagrees with him. I feel like he'd be like this.

    Gwyneth sees the death of her father as a divine act, by something that represents the Ageless as a whole.
    Lance would've most likely seen this as a declaration of war, and start burning down villages and shit.
  • Elves, Huh, what are they good for? Absolutely NOTHIN! (Say it again!)
  • I think your associating Lance too much with his father. He was slow to even accept the consideration to be grand paladin. @knguy @Maris

    And Gwenth from that teaser it doesn't look like she could be much angrier or unreasonable. And what could be more unreasonable then an elf besides 2 Elves.
  • I can't tell if this is serious or a joke thread. If it's a joke thread like the Goblin one, sure, why not get rid of elves?
  • Dissenters must be destroyed.  Resistance is futile.
  • @Astora why not both? 

    I do legitmately think that elves have done very little positives for the world and are just bullies for most other races.
  • Is it just me or has most of S3 only been about elves? can we get a kobold or a gnome campaign in here? maybe a porc one? mix the main npc characters up a bit, get some fresh faces that arent elves?
  • @Gterra2 the reason there has been so many elves is this season is mostly about the ageless vs GPO conflict, and the GPO has a lot of sunswords in it. we have been promised a kobold campaign from the sketeton king campaign, if i remember correctly?
  • @scooter0427 I know... im just tired of the elves... they feel mostly the same and those that arent are barely getting any screen time/focus... A change of pace with Npcs would be nice.
  • @Vongeo As a joke, it's understandable. And just as a story, it would be interesting to see.
    But as a reality, if you really believe that mentality, that type of thinking is exactly like the speciesist (?) elves that you are describing.
    "Welp, some of them are rude to other species, so let's just kill them all."
    That's exactly the kind of mindset that is wrong with the elves to us, shown with the Beenu, and now the Ageless. There are some "good" elves, and there are some "bad" ones. They all have different stories, and killing any group based on a selection of the group is wrong.
    We see it with Bopen. We see it with the Azveltara. We see it with every species against every other species.
    In a way, not to get too political or controversial, but just to compare it to something in reality, it's like racism in the world today. In this case, Elves would be like the white people, and everyone else would be a minority. Elves have a long history of being prejudice and stuck-up against every other species, and some still are unfair to other species. But that doesn't mean the entire group deserves to be rid of.
    Vitali is trying to fight this mentality.
  • @Gterra2 Honestly, I love the elves. And I love the genius of Rob's world.
    What's the one thing that is weirdly discluded about this world that every other fantasy world includes? Humans.
    Why do you think that is? Not only is a world focusing on humans kind of boring, and may get stale, but it automatically, right off the bat, gives the viewers a connection to that species. Because they identify with them.
    If the humans come out on top, we cheer, if they are on bottom, we become angry.
    Even if you don't notice it, you'd have a bias towards humans.
    With no humans in this world, we see everyone equally.
    But, focusing on beastly species too much would honestly make the characters sometimes seem unrelatable.
    That's why the Elves (and the Dwarves to a lesser extent) are what we would identify as the main species, or human-like.
    It's ingenious really.
  • I still wants to say Gwyneth hates those skeleton people because of how much belief she holds in the powers above.

    She witnessed the act of Virgo being killed, by an Ageless king with unusually powerful abilities and a malevolent energy around him. His capabilities were far beyond the kind Legendary Spells possessed, and he seemed immune to death, even with his skull crushed - the very weakness of an Ageless being.

    It shouldn't be too much a surprise that Gwyneth sees this shit and is just like "My father was killed by a god. This was a divine act of war by a Ageless being that represents all Ageless beings." It makes a lot of sense to her, also if the god of skeleton people fucking destroyed her dad taking any kind of soft approach would be the equivalent of standing there and saying "This is fine." That might've been what Vitali did, but he ain't Gwyneth and he sure as hell ain't a seasoned Paladin.

    It's somewhat similar to what Lyn did to the Beenu, because she 100% believed they were responsible for killing Phanto, the divine being that represented elves (or at least their inability to perish).
  • @Vongeo The Divine Decision to make Gwyneth Grand Paladin said Lance would be the toughest Grand Paladin yet. It didn't say the same about Gwyneth. That's why I said he'd be worse.
  • Elves are good. They supposedly reformed the karrazzim monks from criminal gang lords to a proud group of monks. Whilst this was mostly only directly stated by Gwyneth there is potential support for this from other campaigns. From Romulus in the kobold head hunters and the vision of Romulus at the karrazzim temple talking to another monk about leaving the order, you can see that they are more structured to an extent. Evidence about the karrazzim past is present in Pit Boss O'Maley, a former member of the karrazzim along side other monks who worked for him. O'Maley kept his gang lord ways which he presumably obtained from being with the karrazzim before they were reformed.

  • @Gterra2  They get so much focus as they are currently the most powerful group in the realms by far.  At least of the groups that interact with other races.
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    @Astora I guess I've overstated my position. I am more in line with saying elves as a kingdom not as a people cause more harm than good. That is to say the major impacts that we've seen come about from the intent of elves is generally bad.
  • @Vongeo

    "When have elves ever done anything good for anyone but themselves?"

    Try creating all of civilization. Eliminating the Beenu menace. And routine extermination of all pests known by some as goblins. I'd say that's three big ones. I'm failing to see a disgusting and barbaric race of elves here.
  • @CongenialVirus You are right killing everyone they don't like is truly selfless. 
  • @Vongeo and that is the unspoken truths all races should inbody!
  • @Astora ; I was gonna say zombies. What separates Urealms from other fantasy is that the Ageless aren't a bunch of meat-bags.
  • @Gterra2 to be fair, Elves ARE the primary race of the realms. in the same way humans usually are in most other fantasy settings. there's a lot more of them then most other races, they expand out more, they have more settlements, they have the most control, etc.
  • @TamTroll I thought dwarves were the most common and widespread.  I thought elves were just the ruling superpower of the Realm. 
  • @Gyrozen nope, elves are most of the population. Dwarf are second most common race.
  • edited September 2017
    Shit I posted this in the wrong thread. Now I have to put something meaningful in this post.

    Well, all I can think of at the moment is the fact that Elves most certainly think of themselves in a different like in comparison to what they think of other races. It should be especially noted that they keep to themselves in campaigns, with many having Elf has their only playable race and some within having Elves as the only race aligned with the party. Chances are, if any other race is involved at character creation, the chances of Elf also being an option dramatically drops.
  • The only nice elf was pattenburrow and he was in a book and he died within 2 hours of when he was introduced 
  • Are you sure Rawb said a crazy number of Elves died during the BOM and I think Dwarves mate like rabbits.@kreeperkiller63
  • @Godbrothers I just Remember rob saying something like that, I think it was in the Grand Paladin Order behind the scenes.

  • @TamTroll Im aware Its just that im just getting a little bored seeing NPC elves over and over. I would like to see more of the other races and what they are about, maybe a new intelligent race y'know? Anything "important" right now has a set NPC elf centered around it. 3/4 campaigns in a row an NPC elf has been the center focus of them. gpo gallen, senate the senate, az lyn, and purge which is looking alot like gwyneth...
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