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The No hunting civlizend ageless thing

From the preview we learn that the was a rule to not hunt ageless that could live peaceful with the living. But who put it and why have it in the first place because we can assume that most if not all paladins are ok with killing ageless so why would a GP put that there in the first place? 


  • Thats a very good point. Why would Virgo have that rule in place or keep the rule regulated if a previous grand paladin made it? But now Gwyneth is lifting that rule... this is odd. I find it very unlikely to what I currently know about Virgo that he would willingly go along with/make such a rule, so maybe the GP before him made it and was a good friend of Virgo so he upheld it?
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    @Gterra2 like others have said, it's probably not that they couldn't hunt peaceful ageless, just that they didn't kick down the doors of people they thought were ageless.
  • But why was that rule was made in the 1st place? @scooter0427
  • @Pufflemore like saying there was no law, if goldstant woke up they would hunt him and his thralls, and maybe the cult of bones as if i remember correctly they are basically terrorists, but they weren't actively trying to purge ALL ageless, if they found one of there prisoners or brothers-in-arms were one, sure they'd kill them, but gwyneth has now ordered a purge on all ageless kind peaceful or not.
  • still what was stopping purgeing them before @scooter0427
  • I think what was preventing them was as vitalli said they would be making more enemies 

    While in general the paladins view ageless as evil due how bopen and his crew act in that for the most part they go around killing people to make more ageless

    But the grand paladins are still people with emotions and understanding. If an ageless is trying their best to live a peaceful life then why attack them? Its stirring up trouble for everyone around them and putting paladin's lives in danger just to kill someone with no ill will.

    But now Gwyneth only has eyes for revenge. If killing Bopen or getting him to react and face her means stirring up trouble by slaughtering ageless shes fine with that. Nothing matters except getting closer to Bopen now for her.
  • We have to consider the basics as well. You can't simply turn on a button and start killing the Ageless. Well, you can now, thanks to Bone Vision, but let's talk about before that.

    Pre-Bone Vision, going out to kill Ageless was a logistical nightmare. With only the primitive Ageless detection methods at their disposal (basically any spell that only works on Living) there really wasn't anything that could be done to stop them from walking around, so the Paladins decided not to bother and call it a day.

    So they only received reliable detection methods recently. Otherwise, this campaign would end up being about Paladins killing random people in hopes that the living will expose their Ageless friends to save their skin. It's simple logistics. With the new spell, it's turned from a war of espionage and intelligence into an actual world war, with all the destruction and the strife.
  • @knguy Pre-Bone Vision, though, we still had Vampires that could see through the disguises of others, and we've seen Elven Vampires like Eliza Cobbler. Unless we want to say that Vampires are now big no-no's in Elven Society (or just Not Canon entirely), surely the Elves would've used them, right?
  • @friskyBrisky sure there's vampires, i don't think there that common, and they would still to hear someone lie, which would most likely still mean breaking knees until someone talk, and that isn't good for morale or public's opinion of them.
  • They have that rule so they can keep tabs on them. and it keeps them from going underunderground. Also, you've got to remember, we live in a realm where cabalists are in charge of marital services...

    My god. Phineas has the power to marry anyone he pleases to anyone else.

    Alessa Stonemason: "Phineas! Your reign of terror ends here."
    Phineas Barringster: "Ah, my poor little stonemason. You wouldn't have the stones to kill... your husband!"
    Alessa: "Noooooo!!"

  • i also find this no hunting civilized ageless rule weird, considering Virgo did kill Cecilia Granger.
  • We don't know why Virgo killed Cecilia. @brandon ;
  • @brandon Lore cards from Fall of Dundinborough say she escaped after becoming ageless, married Nathaniel, Virgo found them and Nathaniel cleansed her body with earth magic to... take her spirit away from her body and transform it into a nimbus cloud (??? It's magic), which I feel is something most people don't know or remember because lore cards aren't easily accessible.
    In fact, after trying to find them, they're not accessible at all, and I don't know if an archive of them exists or not. 
  • I think the GP's rule is more like kill Ageless they find but not to actively go looking for the peaceful ones so as to not rock the boat so to speak. They probably want to focus manpower on Ageless like Bopen's Crew not ones who are in hiding in fear. Obviously if an ageless walked around in Bone form they would do something but otherwise why panic the elven population by admitting Ageless are more common then they think.

    Initiating the Purge is probably them deciding the peaceful ones could be spies that will feed Bopen information or that they could be used a s a guerilla force in elven lands (which is kinda what the cult of bones seems to be doing). That stopping these potential advantages for Bopen are more important then the downsides that led to them ignoring peaceful ageless.
  • @Junkhipster They aren't. But anything on those lore cards will be reintroduced through elven text in on pages sooner or later.
  • I love just thinking about that so much you have thought of something great! >:) @AlternateWraph
  • For the record, all of the card quests can be found on the wiki pages for each campaign. For example: has all of the lore cards for Fall of Dundinborough.
  • To give my own take on OP's question.

    Let's look at the logistical issues with assassinating individual ageless in different communities. . There is presumably no way to force an ageless to transform, and if all suspected people were rounded up and executed. There would be false positives. Which leads to the second greatest issue. Trust and faith in the Order. Even if the GPO has accepted authority across the lands and between any existing Kingdoms or States. If GPO justicars marched into a city and demanded people to appear for execution. Eventually these communities would generally resist and possibly attack Paladins of the Order on sight. There would be variance, but armed thugs appearing in your town demanding tribute would quickly erode any good faith the Order has. And this is assuming the Order is strictly comprised of volunteers from all walks of life. Some guided by the Light, and others simply fetching the water. And the last massive issue for concern is the amount of resources it would take to routinely exterminate otherwise innocuous individuals. Most ageless that live somewhat normal lives would most likely keep this a secret from everyone in their lives. Even from their spouses and their children. How is the Order going to collect intel on who is ageless? Much less the food equipment and the infantry to spare to send off to the country. Where the ageless thralls could surge the front lines at literally any second with no warning.

    That's why I think the Grand Paladin Order is ambivalent to the civilized ageless. It's a risky position to spread resources thin, at possibly no net gain or even a net loss. The GPO does not condone civilized ageless, but unless they melt their flesh in front of them. Most paladins will not be aware of that, nor will they investigate.
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