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The Sunsword and "Civilized Ageless"

Im very suprised that the Sunswords and Grandpaladin order actually has a rule for "Civilized Ageless" i always thought they had the whole "Ageless are evil and no better then Goblins" type of mentality for basicly all ageless and that they all went into hiding because of it.


  • Well, the rule is less of a 'don't kill the friendly Ageless' and more of a 'don't go hunting for Ageless in our communities' thing, since when Virgo found out about Cecilia he purified her, but they never went from door to door and killed all potential ageless.
  • @KaeawynShifter but thats not what gwyneth said?

    I think?

  • I'm pretty sure gwyneth had just lifted the ban on hunting civilized Ageless, not on killing them, it was always allowed to kill them, just not to go out of your way to try to find them. At leasts thats how I interpret it.
  • before Bone Vision:
    "Excuse me, but are you an Ageless by any chance?"
    "Carry on, then!"

    after Bone Vision:
    "Alright now that we actually have a reliable method of finding Ageless we can start killing them all!"

    the point is I think their abilities to detect Ageless were absolute crap before Phineas revealed the new spell, but it's quite likely many of the GPO know about the spell at this point, and thus would easily be able to find and kill Ageless, hence the extermination order.

    Without the Bone Vision spell can you imagine how hard it was to find Ageless? I mean what would you do, just Life Drain everyone until you found someone it didn't work on?
  • I'm guessing this meant that the GPO wouldn't have hunted down Deadlantis because the majority of ageless down there just wanted to exist in peace. Now Gwynyth doesn't care about individuals, she just wants all ageless dead.

    Also, interesting side note: The goblins we saw in the GPO were some of the only ageless we truly knew were sentient. The rest could've been thralls and spiders. I'm guessing it means it's a lot more likely for goblins to join the ageless since they're already so heavily persecuted against by the elves. Yes it was a DvZ reference, but I like to think goblins are retaliating against the elves through the ageless.
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