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It would be really funny if we see Trandon Barringster in this year's Tower campaign..

Rob's confirmed that in tower part 2, we'll see Lyn Azveltara and its set farther back with different characters. However, in theory we could still see Trandon since he's an Ancient elf, and I could see him doing the tower multiple times out of boredom. (Actually I think Roamin even had him say something about the puzzles being different, but character's words are soft-canon, or he could have been lying, etc. )


  • Are you insinuating that Trandon is going to try to seduce Lyn? Because honestly that would be both hilarious and set a new high for 'most gay thing rob and roamin have done' overshadowing the relationship talk gwyneth and Xavious had at the end of S1.
  • I'm all for having Trandon in more campaigns. The "I need you to sh*t your pants Deadbones" conversation is one of my favorite scenes in the whole show.

    Side note: Deadbones and Roamin's dynamic is the absolute best,
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