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Campaign Thread: The Purge



  • @Gent my point was that neither Virgo Gwyenth were anywhere close to as unstable as she was in the video and Virgo was Grand Paladin before but didn't remove the ban on civilized ageless, it may be because he saw Bopen and was scared, but personally I think that it just takes time to adjust to the merging of souls and Virgo is currently overwhelming her, if not then we may have lost Gwyneth.
  • @Caleb_Bomb You're telling me Cecilia wasn't civilized? Sure Virgo didn't remove the ban (which we didn't even know existed until now), but he was willing to kill a personal friend that was living a happy life with her husband. Maybe Virgo didn't feel threatened enough at the time to remove the ban or maybe he needed more political support to do so. After the full scale attack on the Order and Virgo's death, the situation may have grown dire enough to call for such extreme measures. Regardless of the reason, Virgo had already broken that law long ago.
  • I have a gut feeling that the winner of this battle will be the divine decision, but it may turn out to be a complete slaughter as a purge implies.

    And if it is a battle I honestly don't want it to be decided by divine decision. 

    Last week's decision was IMO the first "mistake" we have made. What seemed like an obvious choice to most people ended up being very obviously wrong. I just hope future decisions get thought about more by audience before they vote...
  • Technically, we don't know why Virgo did whatever to Cecelia.
  • @ThePhatSass Perhaps, but every divine decision is good for the show whichever way it goes. I chose that direction merely because I preferred the idea of a new face (and all the discussion associated with it) over moral judgment. You can't say no to the miracle of life, baby!

    While the Ageless persecution is shaping up to be a hell of a combat campaign, I doubt they're going to bring out the Ol' "WHO WILL WIN?" decision, and perhaps instead have one concerning the survival of some of Reldawin's population or something. Like "Will these guys regain the courage to head back into the village and save the rest of their friends and family?"
    I dunno. It could be anything, really, and more importantly it's going to be awesome.
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    (Just quick a different question. We are going to create 2 divines this year, right? One of the donation event from the gpo and other from the blood tears!)
  • Whelp if I know anything about foreshadowing and Rob's plotting style, then this is the beginning of the end of the Grand Paladin Order, whether or not they win the war on Ageless. Not sure whether something new will rise up to take the Order's place, or if there will be a void which causes even more problems.
    My money is on void-caused drama and then a replacement of some kind.

    Said replacement would probably be led by either Willakers, Vitali, or someone like Vitali who has lost everything, but it would be someone who loses everything due to the war or the conflict caused by the predicted void, as opposed to someone who lost everything to the ageless.

    [Copied directly from my comment on the video because I forgot the forum existed for a moment in my excitement to comment hahawhoops]
  • @Spacewalker The blood tears are for upgrading the divine we got from the GPO.
  • Can we not all just live in peace? Elder God Rob has been trying to show us that no man is good or evil, so why must we celebrate such violence for "good" or not?
  • a Purge will not help it just made the violence

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    Calm down pls.
    Look, I see this as both a persecution of innocent civilians of my second favorite race (and yes I know Ageless aren't technically a race, but they come close enough!), and as a witch hunt, honestly, do you think Rob would make more than one or two Ageless be in the town? I think Rawb is going to send the party in as rampaging paladins into a peaceful town with no ageless and watch them burn it to the ground looking for them.

    Some people's fates are written in blood. We'd hate to mess with that state of affairs, now wouldn't we?
  • I'm super hyped for this campaign but unfortunately won't be able to watch any of it live. I'll definitely be donating though, cant wait to watch on YouTube!
  • So Gwyenth is at lest second grand paladin, 'could be forth'. But ether way gwyenth is clearly going at least a bit mad with the previous grand paladin spirits inside her. All the different ideologies, and experiences put Together. Eventually we have a new grand paladin, and each passing of the flame will make even new GP more insane than the last. The fate of the order will be similar to that of The Battle Block Theater, where the place went to ruins because Hatty Lost his mind and accentually died.
  • Having the purge will only make the ageless war against the living that muh more justified. This will open a second front in a war the Sunswords don't even know is coming. The purge will anger not only the ageless but the families of the peaceful ones and then the Sunswords might have to fight some living as well. This makes things even more complex because if they kill living people then they have to deal with the fallout, sooner rather than later.
  • @Loveland  unfortunately, conflict brings entertainment. you wouldn't want to read a book where nothing happens and everything is nice would you? for a story to be made, something needs to happen.
  • Just read through the donations

    The hat rat queen's legendary 100% makes whoever wields it the hat rat queen 

    Admittedly we don't know a lot about hat rats, but I feel like one being able to speak and think is not something that would make sense outside of a magical item that turns someone into a hat rat. 

    Probably gives them powers, but also makes them look like a hat rat driving them away from society and into insanity.
  • If only they had picked a Kobold town instead. The Grand Paladin Order would've found a way to justify that one.

    I mean we haven't seen any new Gnomes or Porc player characters in this season either! Who knows? Even if it is said to be an Elven/Dwarven town.
  • Maybe Bopen gets his power from all the ageless, that's why he want to make everyone ageless. 
  • Can we just take a moment to appreciate how fucking amazing that promo video was, the voice acting was fabulous and nearly brought me to tears
  • So, I decided to start doing some early digging, and found out that 'Reldawin', the town that the Campaign takes place in, is from the Escapist Unforgotten Realms show (and thus, also probably from Dark Age of Camalot); It was a Dwarven town that Douglas Winechester and Petey(/Elizabeth Tackleburg) came from, and where the guys met Deligoth Nader for the first time.

    This Campaign might have our first look at Dwarven City society since The Unseen Rogues. People who were speculating that the Dire Hat Rat might become Petey also could have something...
  • I just saw the donation events for the upcoming show, and all i have to say is I called it, sort of, but not really.  :) Let me explain, The last event talked about a Hat Rat Queen as a boss fight I'm guessing. Well in the rp threads i made, I thought that something like that would exist, and had a boss battle ageist the Queen. something that made this even better is that my thread was about a Paladin Order civil war, and the upcoming campaign is about the Paladin order by the looked of it. Now my boss fight will probably not be anywhere close to the real one, but I just find all of this so funny.
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    What do you call someone that's secretly an Ageless?

    A "skeleton in the closet"

    edit: removed spoiler tag for punchline.
  • I hope there is a Chase I suspect the guys will be playing Hunted ageless and when they die they will be playing the hunters.
  • So why is Gwyneth so anti ageless, she even said it wasn't the ageless that killed Virgo.
  • @kreeperkiller63 Well Xavius and Elmar died thanks to them, with help from the person who killed her unborn child. Gwyneth's taken a bigger beating than most other characters. No wonder she's going crazy.
  • *Music plays*  Run...
  • Rob should add a bopen avatar so we can show our support of our inevitable skeleton master. >_< >:)
  • I love how before season 2 started Rob was talking about how he wanted to do less elf focused campaigns, and now here we are in season 3 where we have basically only focused on different elves.
  • @I_Am_Blue ;
    Don't forget about the next Tower of Ultimate Wizardry campaign... yeah, the Elves aren't done yet.
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