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URealms Fighting Game

I've had it in mind for a while about how cool it could be to have a URealms fighting game featuring the most popular, iconic, and influential characters in the canon. Only thing is, I don't have very much investment in fighting games, so other than generic things, I'm not sure how it would go. I at least have a few ideas for character archetypes/mechanics for a few characters.

The characters I've got so far:

My thoughts for Philhipé was that he had a few moves that work as a natural chain attack, where landing the first hit helps the second hit in some way. The most prominent example I've got is a slam attack with his blunderbuss followed by firing the weapon. The slam, if it hits, could have extra hitstun or cause the gunshot to deal more damage. If the first hit doesn't connect, it leaves him open to a counter or causes the second hit to be less powerful.

=Gwyneth Sunsword=
What I've thought up for Gwyneth is essentially a trapper character. She would use her sword and her sunbolts in tandem, spawning suntiles where the bolts land and detonating them when she attacks close to them with her sword. The detonation could be used to lengthen combos, or maybe just as an extra burst of damage.

=Phineas Barringster=
Phineas struck me as the perfect lethal joke character. Early in a fight, he would be somewhat weaker than average, but be capable of powering up dramatically if the player plays well and manages to land certain moves. As he powers up, he gradually becomes more and more dangerous. Dangerous how? Admittedly I'm not really sure. Maybe he gains extra hitstun to trigger combos with, or just deals more damage on his attacks. His strongest super would almost certainly have to be "BLANKET OF DARKNESS!!!" as something that hits the whole screen for massive damage if your opponent fails to block.

=Karl Landers=
When I came to Karl, my thought was that he would be THE projectile character. He could have arrows of varying speeds and arcs at different distances in order to combo at a distance, and spacing tools to ensure he can keep his opponent right where he wants them. 

That's what I've got. Sorry to any fighting game fans if I've screwed up anything. I'd love to hear everyone's suggestions for how a URealms fighting game could work out.


  • This actually sounds really awesome! Got me thinking that Kain could be a super tank and maybe Galen could be a healer type. Of course Bob's super move would be a suplex
  • Yeah, Kain could be the Iron Tager (BlazBlue) of Unforgotten Fighters, being slow but able to poise through attacks and with heavy hits. He could have a grab move where he would swallow the enemy and spit em back out.
  • That sounds epic
  • I think there is somebody else on the forums that is making this already. I dont remember who it was but there was concept art, talk of frames and other fighting game stuff. ( know next to nothing about these kinds of fighting games.)
  • Do you remember which part of the forum it would've been in?
  • @Asanthri I think it was misc? currently looking for it. the concept art had like white and blue rough sketches from a side perspective like a street fighter game.
  • Dr. F's Pixel Stuff perhaps? That thread's got a Street Fighter mockup roster using URealms characters (particularly Azveltara Z)
  • @Asanthri no, it was a couple months ago, before AZ. There were blue sketches of generic mannequins someone did, ill keep looking for it.
  • Any luck in finding it @Gterra2?
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    @Asanthri got to page 53 after searching for "fighting game" before getting to some of the early forums posts. couldn't find it, sorry : / 
  • No worries, we can just pick up the work here. Got any ideas for how to make something like this work? Or maybe any specific ideas for characters?
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    I've been waiting for this topic my whole life.

    Alright. First, we gotta establish the buttons.

    Light Medium and Heavy punch and kick, and a special 1 and 2.
    Perhaps we could simplify the buttons to just light and heavy with a special. (This could also help pad players.)

    So Philhipé would be a pseudo-rushdown character. He'd be able to bite opponents that can cause kobold rabies, which would damage opponents over time for a few seconds. His main thing would be his blunderbuss. His blunderbuss, (neutral Sp1 or quarter-circle forward anyPunch, however you can hold the button to delay the attack) would fire once and need to be reloaded (down down Sp1). Although, that's basically all he's got, so he should call in Gracias as an assist.(Special 2) He could a) set up a smoke wall (quarter-circle backwards, Sp2) that you could shoot with your blunderbuss and cause massive damage, b) Shoot his blunderbuss, (neutral Sp2, also can be delayed) or c) reload your blunderbuss. (down down Sp2) You could probably combo into the reload.

    I'd imagine this game has some kind of Instinct(Killer Instinct), or V-Trigger(SF5), that is like, some kinda character-specific enhancement. You could use this once per fight, (This is a two to three round game until stated otherwise.) We'll call this "UTrigger" for now. (crappy name, I know.) Philhipé's would be his tourniquet.

    Once per game Philhipé can use a snake tourniquet that heals some damage and makes him move faster. I'd imagine his blunderbuss would also take less time to reload.

    Now Philhipé's class has fluctuated over time, so his class doesn't play a lot into his gameplay. However, the gameplay of URealms is heavily based on what class you have. So that should be represented here.

    For Gwyneth, I'd say that she should be a bit more of a defensive character. She also should have the ability to place sun tiles. (Sp1 after an attack, or quarter-circle forward Sp1.) She can place up to three tiles at a time. She can detonate them with Sp2. Her normals should have a decent range and do quite a bit of damage. I think her attacks should be kinda slow, and her gameplan should heavily reward footsies. Also she should have a parry.

    Her UFactor Should be activating her Duskblade. This causes more damage and her blade could increase in range.

    You pretty much got Karl covered.
    I think his hypothetical UFactor should have something to do with his legendary (which can rotate the direction of his arrows.)

    It would also be funny if Usu could set up gems for him to ricochet his shots off, but that's a maybe.
  • So for buttons, light heavy and special, with variants depending on if you're standing, crouching, or in the air? I imagine that Philhipé's rabies bite would work well as a grab move. I like your ideas for Gwyneth, seems pretty fitting. As for Karl, his standing moves could be arc shots, crouching could be slightly slower use straight shots, quarter circle moves forward and backward to incorporate the ranger class's ability to move while shooting and as a spacing tool.
  • How come this seems to be already fading into obscurity? I was hoping there would be extended discussion about how to make something like this work xP
  • I mean, a lot of good ideas on this forum fade into obscurity, I don't know how to make this work, so I can't engage in a conversation on how to do that, and I doubt there are enough people who do to make it work :P 
  • i mean Cane would we a tank type char?
  • Holy shit how did I never see this thread before? This kind of stuff gives me life. I will totally admit I've thought about what a UR fighting game would be like for a while now because I'm a dumb FG nerd, I always pictured it being kind of a Skullgirls-esque fighter.
  • yeah I was actually interested in making one myself. I was planning on making it with fighting power base, and add on as I continue working on it for course. The biggest issue I had was this was art limitations (horrible at it)
  • Seeing this post for the first time, similarly to Deadbones' statement, I think the game would be fantastic as a skullgirls-esque fighter with not just URealms characters but also the players themselves. I even had concept art for one when i was drawing art for the drunks and dragons thing.

    and a more refined-ish thing i did back when i only used a mouse to draw

  • hello yes i would like to say that i also like this idea
    ok bye

  • I'm reviving this thread you're welcome future Urealms fighting game devs
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