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What does everyone think about Harry Potter?

This isn't directly related to urealms, so it's in Offtopic, but it's a very famous book series which i assume most people have read, and most of us probably have interesting head-cannons about it, or some form of opinion we could talk about!


  • I haven't read the books, and I've only seen parts or the movies, but watching all the movies is something I want to do
  • I'm a HUGE fan. I've got loads of memorabilia, multiple full sets of the books, autographs, the works. I am disappointed in the direction that Rowling has taken the series as of recent, but I still feel like the original series was a phenomenal work of art that I hope stays Around for many generations. 
  • Harry Potter is pretty good. I love the first 4 books and sorta lose interest as the series goes on. I just want wizard school shenanigans.
  • I really liked Harry Potter when I was younger, I even had movie nights that featured quizzes on the books. This was when I was like 10 so we never finished the series (not all the movies were made yet).
  • I read the books, and watched all the movies. I still remember going to a release party from 7 to midnight for the seventh book when I was younger. Haven't seen the new movie, I'll probably catch it on Netflix or something. 

    I recently rewatched the movies, though, and I wasn't a fan. I thought that the acting was rather subpar, and the movies were more carried by the popularity of the books. Especially the fourth movie (which was my favorite movie, the fifth is still my favorite book) was really lackluster.
  • I grew up reading those books. Thinking back, I really liked all of the magic, but I only liked some of the characters. It's a good series, but I often have trouble identifying with the main character because he just boldly follows whatever plot falls into his lap. He even identifies himself that he's not really heroic, and that he needed tons of help to do everything that he did. I like that he's human that way, but when you have a destiny that just always knocks at your door, do you really even have motivations of your own?
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