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Hype video up!!!!!!!!!!

It is so cool, Vitali taking a stance is awesome and this is going to be so epic!


  • i love the cards in the animaton with vitalis famliy on it!
  • @mlglevimonaghan It is awesome, and I am curious, will we be following ageless civilian's running away, or will we follow paladin's?
  • @Mortem I believe that we will watch them run away from paladins, and I hope so too!
  • @Mortem ;
    I believe the current consensus is that the party will be ageless and Roamin will be a paladin chasing after them.
  • I am also excited, as I will admit, I think this adds to the potential that The grand paladin order has thought Bopen before in some form, with the Grand Paladin being so sure Bopen is a god
  • @robodog4 I somewhat agree with this
  • So far my favorite hype video. It's just so emotional and well voiced, however I do feel like mentioning that in my opinion gwyneths comment at the end is a bit abrupt. still maxing out the hype levels though.
  • @Mortem
    If I remember though, there's a debate as to whether or not Bopen is actually a God/Divine. He's definately not a normal ageless though.

    As for the reason Gwyneth is so sure that Bopen is a God, she probably has the memories of Virgo, and so would see her father(?)'s death through his own eyes. And I guess if you've just did something that would normally kill an ageless but the ageless kills you, you'd think something was up.
  • @robodog4 Yeah, but instantly a god?
  • Was Alessa ageless during the woodcarvers or did they get rid of that 

  • @NovaFlame She wasn't, her husband tried to go ageless
  • @NovaFlame ;It was her husband who was ageless.
  • edited September 2017
    initially it felt like Gwyneth was acting weird. but after she mentioned the part of how she gained her fathers memories and saw how he died, then maybe how she was acting made sense

    also, doesn't she seem like Kuvira?

    Edit: if Gwyneth becomes so heartless from learning about how her father died then how would have lance acted if he became the grand paladin?
  • @Mortem ah ok I thought I remember seeing coe draw ageless during woodcarvers and keeping it 
  • Why would Gwyneth want to kill all/innocent ageless though? Even if Bopen is a divine, it seems like a useless move.
  • You know, it could be cool if we actually do follow the paladins and the guys can choose to play some of the characters, like Coe going back to Alessa and Deadbone Vitali
  • @Junkhipster I think Vitali sort of hinted at why Gwyneth would make such a move."Let's not be so rash"My guess is that Gwyneth is still overwhelmed with emotions, at the loss of his father, friends, family, etc. to the ageless that she probably feels something along the lines of "If they take our families from us then we should take their families from them"

    I think Bopen mentioned that he was a God before killing Virgo, and so that might be the last memory Virgo had.

    Also, just for clarification, I rewatched the promo for The Grand Paladin Order and yes, Gwyneth would have gotten her father's memories. 
  • I don't even know what to think. My socks have been knocked off.
  • @robodog4 Bopen never said he was a god, he basically said you should of prayed for a pryoblast and said his name
  • @Mortem
    Ah. In which case Gwyneth/Virgo might've just come to that conclusion as a hyperbole or something.

    but, that's just my speculation. 
  • @robodog4 I posted a small theory about this a while back, basically noticing that Bopen is cautious with his name around those who can tell the Grand paladin order
  • @robodog4 I can understand why Gwyneth would act on an impulse after everything that happened, but it's strange that she would give such an order especially after her spirit was merged with that of the GP (ie Virgo, or at least a part of him)
  • @Mortem wait, if that's the case then does Gwyneth know something about bopen we don't?

    or have we already guessed this secret but not known that Gwyneth already knows about it
  • @Fera I think Gwyneth knows of a way to defeat Bopen, something we are not aware of
  • maybe gwyneth thinks bopen is a god, because she saw bopens skull get crushed, but he didnt die.
  • @brandon Too me it is a big jump and one she seems very certain of
  • @Mortemand ooo, that would make sense if she has somehow encountered this or something similar in a previous golstand "rodeo". so purging ageless may have a link to this way to defeat bopen

    could the reason for the purge be similar to how bopen has power over ageless, in the senate of deadlantis he was able to make them follow him, as well as completely control them to silence them.

    maybe they have killed bopen before, a reason for bopen to want to keep his name secretive initially and a reason for virgos shock after he saw bopen was still alive despite his skull being shattered
  • Dude I just saw it and I just gotta say..... OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOH SHIT SON!

    (all who worked on that thing deserve a medal, no that's not enough... TWO MEDALS)
  • @Fera My whole theory is basically that
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