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Alessa & Suzanna (Upcoming Campaign Theory)

I was recently watching Okagnoma Guild Hall - Episode 3 when something jumped out to me. Suzanna, while preforming her Show and Tell Best in Show, uses a Vampire Locket and transforms into Alessa for a couple minutes. Now, we know in this upcoming campaign we will be seeing Alessa. I think that part way through the campaign Suzanna will appear for a round of combat, maybe at a strange time like what happened to her. What do you guys think?


  • that wouldn't work timeline wise. OGH and BSQ happen at the same time, we see dob about from the other mercenarys in MB, so that would have to happen after, and in TSK maelstrom stated that MB NC and tSK take place around the same time. in the GPO preview Virgo's flame went out showing his dead, so GPO happens after TSK

    OGH - Okagnoma guild hall
    BSQ - blood snake queen
    MB - murder bros
    TSK - the skeleton kin
    NC - new crew
    GPO - grand paladin order
  • @kreeperkiller63 who said the vampire lockets don't work threw time as well as space?
  • @Viizko in the kobold headhunters campaign rob said that kobold headhunters and unseen rogues take place at the same time bacauae of the locket.
  • @kreeperkiller63 so its been implied but not explicitly stated. Fair enough
  • @kreeperkiller63
    Are we sure that Maelstrom was talking about The Murder Bros, and not Buckeroos? Not that it would change much to the whole Vampire Locket theory, as The Grand Paladin Order would still take place after it, but he mentions the law, making it so we are to believe that Buckeroos takes place during The New Crew and The Skeleton King. Or Maelstrom being a member of the Order of Chaos, means that he is lying. There is a lot of lore that we simply just don't know, about the Order of Chaos in particular, that we cannot be certain.
  • @AwSauci maelstrom talked both about the murder bros, and the buckaroos.
    its when he says "tomorrow I join a "new crew" the next day a terrible crime". The terrible crime being the death of hard rock, Dave, and the escape of chimaera.
  • @kreeperkiller63 Are we sure that he isn't talking about killing Jo? I can't remember if it takes a day to get to the island, but I always interpreted the crime to be Jo's killing. Obviously, there isn't an answer to his message, just speculation, but either way it isn't clear.
  • @AwSauci if you watch the den of devils behind the scenes rob pulls up a timeline chart and new crew and murder bros are next to each other. 
  • @kreeperkiller63 ;
    Dang, way to crap all over my theory :P I'm just kidding. Those are good points. I didn't think about trying to figure out the timelines with that. Thanks for pointing that out.
  • @kreeperkiller63 His message is not reliable because we don't know enough about the lore to pinpoint exact timelines but we do know that he referenced the vote for buckaroos as he can se chat and the viewers thus it is still a possibility.
  • @Rinocorn  we don't know exact time lines, but we have enough to figure out whab a campaign happened  in relation to other campaigns. But of course there is always "a wizard did it" excuse that make anything possible. 
  • @kreeperkiller63 Yeah Btw I saw you on the stream chat for the grand paladin order
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    Nah. She swapped just after finding her Husband sacrificing her son. When she returned there was just a body. Still giving off purple smoke.
  • @AwSauci I know this is a more controversial topic, but I can't help but think that The Skeleton King happens after Buckeroos, because Maelstrom says "But you chose the Law, instead of bloodbath," implying that it happened in the past and referring to the donation race of Murder Bros vs The Law, so buckeroos happens before the skeleton king. 
    PS: yeah, almost everyone considers the "the next day a terrible crime" line to refer to JO.
  • @KaeawynShifter we know maelstrom knows the future, he says tomorrow I join a new crew. He has seen the campaign that same that we have seen. What you said is invalid because mealstrom doesn't follow the timeline the same way everyone else dose.
  • @kreeperkiller63 yes but he refers to our decision as if it already OHHH, yeah, I see your point there, but if we can't use what Maelstrom says as timeline cannon then...
    yeah that doesn't change the rest of the theories on here. You're good at this aren't you?
  • @DungeonDavid I've got another theory here. So during Skeleton King we saw a vision of Romulus going out to find Neena Brando, due to their vampire locket connection of course. And the vampire attribute in season 2 made characters with it search the world to find another vampire to fall in love with.

    Basically what I'm saying is Alessa x Suzanna
  • Alessa is going to hate the influence that Suzanna will have on Heathera.
  • @Gent That's actually a great theory and I definitely ship it
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    @polutropos I mean Heathera is already going to become a Kobold racist, and Alessa is kinda friends or at least comrades with Gwyneth and Kallark who like Kobolds (or Kallark does, Gwyneth probably accepts them at least)
  • @Pyrotrap I was talking about the E.X.P
  • @polutropos I know, just saying she might already be upset with her
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