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(Given the last campaign and the introduction of the azeltarian elfs, I thought it would be interesting to see what nature would have to say to this magic. Or maybe some race out there dId this, either way... I bring you the amalgamate attribute card!)
custom card
Now I know what your thinking... Its pretty cool right?... No? Over powered? Probably. But out the chance to draw this attribute, let alone a couple of strong companions (and yeah you can draw playable race companions as well, but its more fun with beast companions.)

In concept, the idea was to make a permanent lycanthrope form of sorts, but something as strong as, or stronger than the azeltarians. It was a response to a trumendice strength. Imagine, an elf with the power of a dragon. Scary right? Full control of the power. Potential creation magic even. But I ask you, would you place your trust in an elf who could create a disease to iratticate a species? I know I wouldn't! So here's an example of an experimented on elf. Test subject 1.


See now, this elven beauty is now longer a threat to the lower races! Now she's a freak with more power! But her kind will see her as an animal! Just like they see us. Perhaps in time they will realise that just because we arent elves, doesnt mean we are animals! Now how about a second subject you say? Hmm well lets see whats behind door number 2!


I will let you in on a secret friend, the only reason this program worked is because of porc blood, ya see... Something about their blood allows them to be... Lesser that people, but more than animals. Porcs are great for labor and being controlled, but when we take what they are at face value, we don't see the potential of their species. They could evolve to some thing great!


  • That is terrifying...

    Lets get some people working on this immediately!
  • @KaeawynShifter right? The one concept that kept coming to mind for me was the dragon highbears potential combo
  • @Viizko Yeah... I honestly want to know how this would work in practice, when I get a chance I'm booting up TTS and doing quite a few mock character creations, judging the average power of an amalgamate versus that of a normal character from each class (It'll also get me to finally figure out the average power of each class as: Stamina+DPT+damage from limiteds, considering average builds for each class, and not including armor with a single base race) I'll post my findings here when I can, with a full table and everything!
  • @KaeawynShifter I was also considering implementing the concept that the only armor an amalgamate can wear would be beastal warplate. Also weather they can or can not bear a weapon would depend on the amalgamation and GM preference.
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    Might be a little late, but i made a race version. it's pretty much the same as the attribute, but it might work a little better? edit: link didn't work posting it by it self.
  • @scooter0427 to be 100% honest, I like your card way better lol
  • @Viizko  the other idea i had is that instead of not have a class they get a special class ( custom card ) that only they can use, but what abilities this class would get or what would need to be change about the race to make it work i don't know.
  • @scooter0427 hmm I just had an idea to go along with it, something like all spells and magic based abilities and passives with an elemental attachment naturally become chaotic magic, losing their element and gaining unpredictability. Essentially chaos magic would work like you roll 6 sided die and the magic becomes the element associated with the number, for example 1=light 2=nature 3=arcane... (etc.) And then depending on the spells new magical element, it affects how the spell works. Like a fireball you roll a 1 for element, and it becomes a projectial heal
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    @scooter0427 alternatively we could have the amalgamate roll at the start of their turn to see what their element is for the turn. It would still have a similar effect but could prove more dangerous. 1s would heal and 6s would cause deathrolls because its technically a crit and 6 is dark magic
  • @Viizko the problem with that is it's hard to track the new element of the spells, maybe all there class abilities are based around the companion abilities? A quick card i worked up: custom card
  • @scooter0427 I suppose that could work as well. It still feels like its missing something though, right?
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