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How is Everybody Doing?

 The title sums up the question that I ask, but I also have another. Have any of you acted in a play, and if so, what was your role and what was the play? Thanks, and have a good day.


  • Eh, im decent. Feeling kinda alone so if anyone want to talk it would be fun.
  • i was a background singer in a rendition of the musical Chicago, that it probably my biggest role. have sadly been forced to put the acting career on a hold for now, we have way too many actors in Sweden than their is acting jobs. not really a viable market at the moment for a guy with a bad economy.
  • I'm fine. Thanks for asking. Also yes. I have acted in multiple school plays of mine. It'd be annoying to spout them all out since we do so much and none of them are really all that popular. I have played Maurice from "Beauty and the Beast" once and that was fun(also my first play). I am currently playing as Facebook in "The Internet is Distract– Oh Look a Kitten!" Yeah, though. Acting is fun.
  • I'm fine thanks! How are you buddy? I have only played in our elementary school play
  • Feeling bored, been constantly writing & rewriting campaigns the past couple months. -_-

    I have been in many school plays and plays outside of school. My last play I was in from a couple years ago, I was a drunken sailor that conspired with the monster named Caliban in Shakespeare's "The Tempest" for a theater boot camp, of sorts that was run by an old theater group friend of my father. He wanted me to help supervise/teach/support the wanna be actors, because my father never stops talking about me to his friends when ever they meet up -_-

    Theater is kinda in the family <_<
  • I'm doing alright, had to deal with some family stuff but the campaign announcement cheered me up a lot! I don't think I've been in a play though
  • @Ceerol

     I'm doing good, thank you for asking. I'm glad to hear that everybody else is doing somewhat well.
  • More than not im normally always happy and right now is no different.
    Yes i have been in 3 plays. The first one was a group project where you make a script. I was a dim witted servant looking for medicine for my lady and started randomly dancing. It was super fun and silly lol. The second one was called All employees must wash hands before murder. It was also super silly and kept you guessing. I was a hip vegan girl who worked at the cash register and was one of the suspects. And i dont remember what the last one was called but it was about suicide and was really serious. I played a friend to the girl who committed suicide and i was seen mostly crying and almost took my own life towards the middle of the play. 
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    Yeah, we have too many actors here in Sweden. I have actually considering doing some acting again, but eh... i dunno.
  • @Darnokthemage  if you plan to start again make sure you have a backup job ready, that or be willing to do it on the side while you work on a other job full time. it is just safer to have acting as a second job now a days in stead of having it as a main job.
  • I'm really sick right now so not doing so hot
  • @CasualCow

    Still think you are hot <3 ;)
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    Well enough nothing great nothing bad just average.
  • good and i was the stage manger for a school play once 
  • Simply doing meh, could be better or could be worse.

    I was never in a play in school sadly, though I kind of regret it nowadays.  The closest thing I was in was I was in choir in elementary school.  Funny how I can still sing a few of those songs 20+ years later.
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