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About Dvergrs

So the S3 race card for Dvergrs is that they can cheat death and survive a deathroll they fail, pretty strong.
However it mentions nothing about Stoneskin, does this mean that future Dvergrs can't stoneskin?
(side note does anyone know how to gain gold and xp in this fourm system, I'm really confused on it)


  • it's probably a roleplay action at this point, like how Dvergr Dvergrs repeat the last word they say say.
  • Replying to your side note:
    So far i know (please add info) the methods of getting gold and exp are:
    - daily login with rolling for exp and gold.
    - reading gilded threads (gives gold).
    - donating to the campaign (gold and exp).
    - watching the campaign live (exp).

    I could be wrong on the details but thats what i think the mechanics are.
  • Edit: I just found out about gold and xp through the help desk, no need to comment about it.
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