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Does a Crit Override the Axe of Malice

So I was playing a campaign and one of the players had the Axe of Malice and they rolled a 20 giving them a Crit I was almost certain they would i to do 25 dmg but they said it's a Crit and overrides the Axe just want to know other people's opinions on this.


  • I'd say yes. But it's up to the GM.
  • I'd say yes, but it's truly up to the DM. In regards to the axeofmalice, you have the obvious issue of the word "never." Part of me says no to that, but on a crit it's up to the DM. If they're nice, they'll probably give it to them. 
  • probably yeah, depends on the gm preference like if the boss can afford to take a 50 damage basic attack and maybe not die? and if you did absolute zero before hand, ooooohhhhhh that thing is dead for sure.
  • Hell yeah, I'd allow it. A Critical Hit would be pretty damn disappointing if it didn't feel like a crit.

    In any case, a crit might affect the healing done to you or do something nasty when it hits your target.
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    I'd go about this situation by saying "You swing your axe super fast to attack two (or three) times in an instant to deal 50 (or 75 depending on the moment) damage whoa!" That way you're technically not breaking the rules of the axe.
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    IMO it still deals 25 damage. If you wanted to you could give them another chance to attack or allow them heal for more

  • it says you never do more then 25 damage, so even with a crit it'd still be 25, your trading away potential damage for sustain.
  • @zeroofshadow Which is why no one ever goes it because no one wants it.
  • I think that purely based on the fact that it is really not difficult to crit with a deathknight I would make it do 25 damage and depending on the situation maybe make the enemy deathroll if they are weaker, restore more stamina of the player is getting low or just do something to make the attack more bad ass. I am a firm believer in crits not needing to be necessarily game play effecting but character and story changing as well. 
  • I would say no :)
  • @H0tpixel You always mean Hot  :(
  • Sure, you could simply describe the Axe of Malice's attack better on a Critical Hit, but that really won't fly in a kick-ass combat campaign. When the ol' 20 shows up, you gotta make it feel like a 20, and not have it effectively do nothing in the gameplay sense. And, man, there are a lot of ways to make this happen with the Malice:

    Doubled damage. Either is just a straight up 50 Damage, or you can work around it like mentioned earlier, adding a No-Roll Basic Attack on top of the original attack.
    Double the healing. See now this, you can definitely go for. Excess force is healthy for you!
    Inflict a Status Effect of some sort, or use the fearsome appearance of the Axe to your advantage.
    Other stuff like keeping the axe stuck in the enemy, cutting off a non-limb body part, a whole lot of blood and trauma (if living), etc.

    Better use the shit out of that Deathstrike skill!
  • Well, looking at the Axe of Malice card offers up several problems:

    What about crits?
    Well, specifically due to the use of the word 'never', I'd assume that it overrides crits. (Some other cards, namely arcanemissiles have effected crits in different ways, so clearly cards override criticals) Also, I asked someone who has never played before what they thought of it, originally they said crits should still double, then I told them it was the highest damage weapon in the game and they changed their mind.

    What about those other abilities?
    Attacks that hit multiple times, does the Axe of Malice effect the total damage an ability does, or just each part seperately? This is the real question.
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    @KaeawynShifter ;
    The Axe of Malice is the highest damage weapon in the game (with health and lifesteal to add on to it) but that's still 25 damage, with only two Basic Attack abilities to support using it. 50 Damage is going to hurt, but it isn't going to one-shot most things. It's basically the defensive counterpart to the Bane of Ice, which has no damage restrictions whatsoever.

    In the face of other Basic Attack enhancements such as Brawler, Triple Damage, Berserkers, and much more, the Axe of Malice has far more competition than some might think.
  • @knguy
    Yeah, but right off the bat, it has the highest unaltered basic attack damage of anything in the game...

    Okay fine, triple damage kobolds have it better.

    basically what I'm saying is Axe of Malice is meant to make you a rejuvinating tank with low damage output, when you use it you become crazy-powerful and unstoppable, but you deal about as much damage as waiting for someone to get run over by a glacier!

    well, I'll let you guys decide instead, for now I'm hopping off this thread. (hehe. threads)
  • I personally avoid Deathknight, just because it adds math and I hate math 
  • @bl1ndn3rd

    Seems legit, after all, the overarching theme for URealms is f&ck math!
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    @KaeawynShifter In regards to: "Some other cards, namely Wizard / Arcane Missiles have effected crits in different ways, so clearly cards override criticals" that's wrong. Arcane Missiles actually mentions how crits affect it, where-as Axe of Malice clearly says "You can never deal more than 25 Damage with Basic Attacks or Abilities". So, the only way for an Axe of Malice user to deal crit damage is through roleplay actions or non-card stuff. Edit: However it all depends on the GM/DM at the end of the day. 
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