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LFMany | Weekly Friday Games at 8-9pm Eastern. | All Welcome!

Playing: Fridays at around 8-9pm Eastern.
Style: Varies by campaign, generally an even mix of combat and rp.
Skill Level: All players are welcome!

Hey guys. Currently I’m planning on GMing a game of Urealms every Friday at around 8pm eastern time. These games will be streamed on twitch and we’ll be using my discord server for voice communication. I love running games with new people and want to give anyone interested in joining a fair chance at playing. Most of the games I’ll be running will be using the GM+ mod since lately I haven’t had too much time to create more of my own custom campaigns, but that may change in the future.

If anyone wants to join in these games just join the server I linked above, read the rules and what not and you're good to go.

About me: Hello I'm Aptmage but everyone usually just calls me Tom! I’m just a dude in his early twenties and I've been GMing D&D and Pathfinder for the past several years. My games are usually light hearted and fun rather than overly serious and I try to have a good mix of combat and roleplay in most of my campaigns.


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