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Elven Culture - Ascension Parties

In the season 3 campaign "The Senate of Deadlantis", we are introduced to a happy bright day full of jubilee!

An event of great significance in Elven culture, "Ascension". Essentially a rather global acknowledgement that this individual has appropriately matured and has earned favor in society (and in some religious cultures, this equates to becoming accountable for your actions once you reach a certain age). 

I must ask though!! Is the practice still followed by Elven families today? Was it lost to times or was it rather embraced to distinguish their ancient heritage?

Could be one of many reasons Phineas is forever loopy, avoiding the responsibilities of adulthood :) What is everyone's take on Ascension Parties? Has anyone here been through a similar event IRL? If so, I'd be curious what it means to you!


  • is there a place where i can find the speech?? i would like to read through it
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    @kreeperkiller63 ;

    Song of Dragons

    These words I echo are older than time. 
    My path to be reborn, my death to be defined. 

    I will train my body, I will focus my mind. 
    I will master the Light, I will always be kind. 

    This life is a gift, not given by the gods, 
    But born from our emotions, against all the odds. 

    I choose this path, and I choose this right. 
    The only choice left is to choose the night. 

  • that song always unnerves me, why would the elves sing a song about death when they don't even know what and how death works? "the only choice left is to choose the night" is just a weird line for a civilization that have like two suns that they worship. there is a ton of weird things with this song 
  • @LexderMob For the death part, the lower creature of the realm (so the original kobalds, dogs, and so on) dont have a god like the elf and high bears do, so they can still die. It also may be symbolic, like being reborn from your former self (many religion have this when you dedicate your life to them). The night part is weird though. The part that really bugs me is the
    "This life is a gift, not given by the gods, But born from our emotions, against all the odds." line in it. clearly Elves know they came from gods, so why is it here. Sure newer generation where not born from the gods, but the gods are allowing it (until the birth of magic, that is). And they are not fighting against odds (yet). After all, without death, a kid will always be born without any trouble or chance of miscarriage. The rest of the lines make sense. Time is irrelevant to them (first line),getting stronger and smarter just make seance when you live forever(3rd line), and it was said that all magic produce a light somewhat like fireworks before birth of magic (4th line). "I choose this path, and I choose this right ." most likely represent there freedom to live as they please.(sorry for the long response, somewhat just started what I thought)
  • @Dancorps13  no problem i love long responds. and i see you points, but as i am aware of that many other races can die, my concern was more that it docent make sense for a race that can't die and dosen even have a word for kill to use a phrase like my death to be defined, when they can't die. it fells almost like the phrase would make more sense in the present day than the past
  • considering it's the song of dragons, i think it's easy enough to assume that dragons themselves came up with it. Perhaps even the sun-dragons themselves, knowing that eventually one of them would die and the night would be extended by many hours. They are the gods of this realm after all, so their own lives might not have been given by gods.
  • To me, it sounds like the dragons were aware of a Prophecy (Diablo-esque).

    From my original point though, I'm curious if the ritual is still performed? Or, maybe it has been altered? I would imagine that the Sunswords are a more pious and devout family, and that they might still incorporate some of the original rituals - maybe?

    During the Murder Bros campaign, Orvan WEEESE?? speaks "Ancient" Elven to the Sunswords. I'm curious how many, if any, "Ancient" scriptures/literature survived the sun age collapse.
  • I have one major question here, does anyone get a distinctly dwarven vibe from the end part there, or have I just been playing too much DVZ, and rewatching the Choose The Night promo video...
  • Unrelated question: How do they know that an elf has become "old" enough to have the party? before the birth of magic, there was no death so how did people age and what happened if you continued to look old, was it like the movie "in time" where when you reached a certain age you just stopped getting older? 
  • @Mega_muncher  i could see that yeah.

    as for how they know an elf has become old enough... pretty sure they still had countable years? Like that didn't start with the birth of magic, and they still had to age from an infant to an adult still. so presumably somewhere between infant and adult is the ascention party.
  • @TamTroll - That would be a very good assumption. Remember, it wasn't Alaska year round, they did have a few hours of night each day. Thus, theoretically they could have counted each sunrise as the mark of a new day.

    • Einstein's theory of relativity comes to mind, though we have NO CLUE about the astrophysics of the URealms Universe (meaning it is impossible for us to know how many "hours" are in a planet rotation)
    • Another thing to keep in mind... If any of you are casual fans of ancient history like myself, you will quickly know that many cultures around the globe used different calendar systems. 

    @Mega_muncher - That's a curious question, and I'd love for it to be explained. Rob previously explained Elven aging in the prior seasons. He was specifically commenting on Virgo Sunsword.

    Rob explained (post-Birth of Magic) the older that an Elf gets, the stronger and more agile they become (and they will also look older too). It is my understanding this is why elves consume Dragon Scales. But I have no clue
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    @Vilmar_Reliner we kinda do know how many hours are in a day though. origionally there were 14 hours of day, then 2 hours of night, then 14 more hours of day before the cycle repeated with the first sun-dragon rising again. presumably Kallisto rose into the sky while Phanto was still up, preventing a second 2 hour night and a 32 hour night cycle.

    now, there are 14 hours of day, and 16 hours of night. leading to a cycle of 30 hour days. 
  • In the matter of the song, I would assume that it was given to the elves by  the divines at the very least. We still do not know the lore behind how the gods were created, but from what I've gathered its likely there was a realm before the divines inhabited it where the old gods, aka us, were the only ones with power and we did not really interfere with the realm. This would be when there were only lesser kin that were not created by the current divines, including the original kobolds and other creatures like pigs. I am not sure how far this classification will go and if there were sentient beings during this time, but thats besides the point. I would figure at some point the old gods created the divines to see what would happen, or even just to create them to see what would happen, and they proceeded to create the high bears and the elves. Maybe we created the song, or maybe the old gods did, maybe we will find out at some point.

    As for the second point, I would like to think at the very least the sunswords would have some variation of it considering they stay so stuck to the old way. Some of the other families would probably do the same as well. It is a coming of age ceremony after all, so I would think that they wouldnt completely drop the old ways but who knows.
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