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Should We Make An Old God Divine Beenu? (and other OGD discusions)

One of the things Rawb said in the latest BTS was that we might be able to make the god created at the end of the season a Beenu. He said it would be unlikely but if we start thinking on this now it might be possible to get the support to push it through when it comes up. My thoughts on it is that it could be an interesting way to punish Lyn and the Azvaltara family for committing genocide on the Beenu. Obviously in the end your vote is yours to do with as you will but I think it is important that we start thinking on what we might want from the OGD if it is to be our agent in the world. It may be early yet but unlike the divine decisions in the campaigns we have the opportunity of discussing this before hand as a community and attempt to build consensus and consider all possibilities. (Beside I think it will be fun to talk about)


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    There are so many things we still don't know yet about the ogd. like:
    What is the differents in lvl 5 and lvl 6 Divine?(maybe it is the number of meta cards the divine gets?)
    How will he get his objective?  
    How will he get his cornerstone? Will he get a cornerstone? Can we give him a legendary cornerstone?(The same as for attributes)
    Can we choose from a legendary class we haven't seen yet? Or can we just choose random class-abilities?

    Just to name some question. But i am mostly interested in a not playable race for my vote
  • I personally would be more interested in a spider old god divine. A divine weaver of sorts, it makes things with its chaos thread and bone legs. but then again itd be pro-ageless and maybe appear super edgy in a bad way, hmm...
  • If we make a beenu divine wouldn't he die with the other beenu? It feels like a beenu god surviving their extinction would change the world too much.
  • Wouldn't the point of making a divine be them making a difference? Beenu would be very intriging depending on how his goal is chosen.
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    @HadeFade ;
    The Beenu divine can be brought in Thousand years after the death of the Beenu's
    beside I am hoping there is a special accolade for the guys who have decided how this divine is going to be. And I am hoping the accolade change by every new divine a little bit (just a number or a color change is enough). So over 20 years, when there are a lot of made divines. It is cool to see if someone got lucky and got the choose to choice  multiple divines
  • I can't see a world where any sane person wouldn't choose walrus
  • boi we need philepae to rise from the dead and become ogd THE ONE DIVINE TO RULE THEM ALL 
  • I will be voting for kobold named Cachecol but I would not be upset with a beenu.
  • but in all urealms fictional realisim i would be very happy with elemental divine or a beenu 
  • You guys bring up valid points, and ultimately, it will decide on if all the listed Races are available for the first Divine or not. However, you're all missing the most important thing.

    It's Prof. Walrus or bust, guys.
  • Blood for the walrus god!
  • I want philhipe god. All hail the woven one, Cachecol!
  • Sorry dude but I need a goblin who wants to get goblins above the bottom class in society.  
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    @PikaCraft I agree with this statement, and we name him professor walrus!
  • @greenpear I do, goblin for life!
  • I personally love the thought of a old god that isn't elf, dwarf, or gnome.

    Goblin would be my preferred pick because I just love the thought of elves looking at a divine goblin, go ,"Pssssh, dumb pest just die already", and then he fires off a damn greater pryoblast in their faces and OHKOs them to hell. The thought of some weird power shift to where elves just sorta see, "Oh shi, we might not be the cool omega race after all cuz this gobo is rekin us" seems really interesting to me. GOBO RISING
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    Good job so far guys. I would say other than Beanu my top picks would be Gobo, Spider, and Walrus maybe Wowzer after that. With Beenu i just like the idea of a god whos race has litrally all been killed like can you imagine being the only human in a world of elves, gnomes, and dwarves. Add to that you find out the elves killed your people that is a good story waiting to happen.
  • @friskyBrisky Thank us (Old Gods) that you remember the before times, of the OG Urealms~

    I think this thread has raised an interesting prospect for us. As we all know there are the Divine Dragon Aspects, and their children who represent and protect the main races of Elves, Dwarfs, Porcs and such. But there aren't any gods to protect and represent the goblins, walruses, gnolls and other lesser races. I think it's about time we fixed that with our new creation at the end of the season~  >:)
  • Should the chance come up, I think I'd vote for Gnome. I like Gnomes, given their curious origins, I'd be interested in seeing how a Gnome divine would interact with Nisovin and that particular storyline. I think the story could be more interesting than a divine with a unique race, at least right now.
  • Let see here. My chose would be Beanu, then Goblin, then Walrus, then Spider, then Kobald. I think Kobald will be a option. If it is not, I would be unsure what I want.
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