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What characters deserve a "second chance?"

What are some characters that deserve another chance to be a major part of the show? People who didn't get as much showtime as they deserved, because they were deceased or removed for another reason. This isn't necessarily asking "Who would you bring back to life?" it's more asking for people who never got a chance to shine. 

A good example would be Ian Bates. He had a lot of potential and personal interest from me, but sadly he was only to last one encounter.


  • Philhipe
  • Joquim Flannagin. Or Reesi Gandolin
  • Marco and Polo, the goblins from New Crew.
  • Dankie. I bet you could bring him back as a believer.
  • Noxel's Unnamed Gobolf Squire from Kobold Headhunters.
  • If Tania Grayson had another ten minutes to spare, she could've had the chance of a lifetime.
    They'll only remember her as the Kobold that killed a few Jimmies and a Porc, when she could've shot for the stars and been the Kobold who killed several Jimmies, a Vizier, and an old Paladin.
  • @knguy I absolutely agree with that one.
  • I just remembered, Zack "Candu" Condo needs another chance as well.
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    Deadbones when he was the GM in the guild of explorers. He made a whole campaign and shit and the guys didnt even finish the first encounter.

    (Thinking about it im still waiting for the carpet of holding campaign)
  • Actually now that I think of it, most of the NPCs from Sunswords.
  • I think all the characters from Kobold Headhunters should have a second chance. Preferably if they were all in the same campaign again, like a continuation just with spells from the updated classes and since Romulous is leaving, maybe DB can make a new character for it because most of the characters from that campaign weren't that memorable. Also, Yumi, Squinks and Rusty.
  • I'd say Unseen Rogues/Kobold Headhunters guys. They were mentioned, once, in the Skeleton king, but other than that we've seen nothing of them since Season 1, and it's kinda made their story seem unimportant to the big picture of Urealms
  • all the guys from the silver mine mountains especially khn'rell and margaret o'mally
  • I want Donkey to have a shine, even if he's a believer. It was the most stupid character (in a good way) but at the same time it was amazing. For non-believers, I'd love to see DeNada return since he went from being "I don't care about the team" to liking them to a degree and then went Cult of Bones on them. I'm curious as to how he got that way after Porc Hunters when he seemed to actually work properly with the others. (Also, bring back Ice-Lord. Best character!)
  • @Hazzi
    I'm betting we'll see more of khn'rell once the Ageless start to attack the living. He seems like he would be a major player in that conflict.
  • Reesi Gandolin. Yeah, her death was comical, but like, we didn't get attached to her at all, which is why it was funny, as opposed to say having Gwyneth poof into lava. Like, her life was so short it didn't matter to us old gods.
  • @Caprikel ;
    I hope so because the silvermine mountains remains one of the best campaigns ever and Khn'rell was a huge part of that
  • @Ozoner These are the ones I'd like to look into as well. With the whole whirlwind of events that Bopen and Golestandt have caused it would be a refreshing break to get back to some of the more understated ongoings in the realm.
  • Neena brando because she was a funny character in a low quality campaign.
  • We need more Trandon Barringster
  • the gemling at the bottom of hole in the benu catacombs under the tower of ultimate wizardry
  • Yumi or Squinks had interesting enough characters (i.e. scumbags) that having them show up again in some capacity beyond 'Squinks shows up and attacks you before promptly bailing' could be interesting.

    Johnny Feo was also a bit less insane and had some weirdly moral moments in the original MB campaign, so having Nisovin play him again may also be interesting.
  • Surprised to not see Bromas here
  • @Taod_444 I think the reason Bromas isn't here was the way his death was portrayed and is solidified. He went down as a sort-of hero, despite being back-stabbed due to a whelpling's mind-control, after going through a lot (although his death was a miscalculation on Rawb's part to do with the old death-roll system, although I'm kinda glad as it solidified more that characters can die even if they appear important but I still quite like his character).
  • @Bevan I would love to see Feo or the murder bros again. Even though they are imprisoned they a too good of characters to go to waste.
  • i would like to see yumi, squinks and bumbly (K4) again.
  • Rick snot is another good one. He seems like he would have a pretty important role as nisovins apprentice so hopefully Rob has plans for him in the future.
  • Rufio to be honest, he has been only insane so far and was caved in during the silvermine mountains. However I would love to see him in again as an insane ageless
  • I think Beenu #26 deserves another chance. We didnt really get much out of him except a sword swing.
  • @bl1ndn3rd I honestly don't understand Reesi's appeal. She constantly acted like a horrible person to Deadbones and Justin, and had this holier than thou attitude about her. Yeah she was a donation event but that doesn't excuse her for being a terrible person. I was so happy when she died I jumped out of my chair.
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