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Bei Mei X'hirt's Shirt has a hidden message potetially.

I as looking at the Bei Mei X'hirtup  and I noticed there are tiny elven letters on the shirt I tried to translate and come with HTINGREWOPAIG  if anyone gets anything that helps us more please commmet below I really want to find something in this!! 


  • Could they be arranged in a different order?
  • @Toruk I was thinking something like that but not dice so far

  • I went to the store page to look at the shirt and as I was looking the youtube video I had on in the backround, which has nothing to do with Rob or Urealms, said "77."

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    its fighting power

    Edit: nvm i'm silly
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    Looked it up in google and it didnt find anything but recommended Htin Grewl Pagg, its a turban I think based off the images and everything else recommended. 

    Scrambling it so far ive come up with
    -Thin Ogre, with (wigpa) left over... We need a decoder ring or something. Making me relive the days when I watched Gravity Falls over here...

    Can you get a screen shot of the text, I just would like to see it for myself.
  • Can always use I Rearrange Servant. It is for creating anagrams and or finding them. @Gterra2
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    @Raynicorn ah yes, thank you.

    ooooohhh lots of possible stuff in here.
  • I use it for everything. Anagrams are my thing xD and yeah there is a lot to work with, some trash as it goes into the abyss of the dictionary. Some can just be synonyms to something that will fit what we are looking for. A bit of work is all that we need. @Gterra2
  • Ah ha!  One of the possible Anagrams in "PIG ARE HOG TWIN"

    This means the next campaign Millbee is playing in, he will be playing as the long-lost secret twin brother to Kohai-chan who shares his pig sense powers.   :o
  • the letters might stand for words or names
  • Backwards it is GIAPOWERGNITH
  • Giga power hint?
  • this could be a codewheel for a future reference.
  • ... So there's "GHTING POWER" plus an 'A'
    Maybe someone messed up?
  • YO.  This is a closer image. Maybe we have a letter wrong?
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    @Thall The one on the left seems to be an 'F'.  And I think that's the one that was listed as 'A'.
    So we have "F_GHTING POWER"   oh and somehow I was leaving out the other I
    So it definitely is FIGHTING POWER  :p
    EDIT: Also the "FIGHTING" goes from left to right over the top of the circle, while "POWER" goes from left to right on the bottom.  Which was why it was backwards when written out following it circularly.
  • @Henraye but you're right! The letters are tilted a bit to have it written in a circle, but the shirt does say "Fighting Power" :dank: 
  • this forum sustains me xD
  • @Meganzoor Another Mystery related to Azveltara Z solved! :3
  • I'd give us a grade of 77 at problem solving :evilsmile: 

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    Ight so with the closer image I tried translating it
    Letters from middle left around:  T I N C R E W O P F I G H. 
     Re arranged its FIGHTINGPOWER

    As confirmed by Megan.
  • What?! It was just "fighting power" all along?! Not a clever hint?!  *Feints*
  • I wouldn't have put it past Rob to try and hide some secret in a joke shirt.  #NOTRICKS
  •  I think it translates to "GET THE BREASTPLATE STRETCHER, NOW!" /s
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    @Gterra2 @Pyrotrap  You guys are right, here is what Rob wanted to put initially before deciding to change it 

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    Or... wait was it this one? 

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    (I think the one above the signature is just a smiley face?)

    Though I'm not sure if Rob actually wanted that or you just made it now  :p

    EDIT: 2nd one

    fuck the

    I need to actually sit down and try to learn this so I don't have to keep searching for the translation guide image since I keep closing it thinking I'm not going to use it again for awhile  :|

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    @Irishxlily Unfortunately I do not know elvish or trust myself to decipher this one so ill let someone whose better else do it.
    Lol I just realized the star in the middle was for coestar, nice touch.
    Are you allowed to show us this, since there is a hint on this before it was changed?
    wait nvm, your screwing with us, that says fuck the kobolds...
    *Shakes fist angrily at the sky* IRISHLILY!!!!!!

  • @Gterra2 @Pyrotrap Oh woops wrong files! This is FOR REAL what it said! Scouts honor.

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