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Season 4 Changes I am thinking about

Now one of the things I know that is going to happen is some of you are going to enjoy the current version of the game so much that you will not like the changes I make for future seasons. 

Tough Luck!

As I have said in the past, this is a game we primarily make for the show and one that we are still working on and I have ZERO INTENTION of supporting old versions as to me there is only one version and thats the one we are building. The amount of work it would be to manage multiple versions of this game for a handful of people is not worth the time I would have to invest and would only slow down progress of the show and the game to facilitate that. It's not happening. I know a lot of you are invested in making your own cards and such so here are some of the changes that are already in the works for next years update.

1. Rolling to dodge/block is being completely removed
First off. This is not obvious you can even do this. It's a small little rule that tells you that anything with the shield card lets you block/dodge. This is such a worthless roll at the table that just stalls out the game. Players already have so many Anytimes and Limited actions to counter incoming attacks and spells that I find in most games people either forget about this or get annoyed they have to keep doing it. I'm scrapping this completely.

2. Anytime Actions and Limited are going to be merged.
I am still working out the details, but right now I am not happy with both the terminology and how complicated explaining some base concepts are. Limited Actions are just too powerful on classes like bard or when you have special treasures or passives that let you use your allies Limited Actions as well. The idea for the future is that Players will start with no Anytime actions and get them from both Armor and Shields mostly. They will be called Interupt Actions and use the rainbow gem and we will have a basic game master rule of "never allowed to do the same interrupt twice per fight.". So you still can't pyroblast twice, but you also can't "roll out of the way twice". You would have to do something else like slide out the way, back flip out the way, try to jump over the attack. Something that forces the Player to add a little bit more flavor naturally to their Anytime Actions. We can then make this a staple of URealms of most Gamemasters going "Do you want to Interrupt?" I'm still working out how exactly we want to make all these changes, but I know that this needs to be reigned in for just general balance and also so the game is just "easier" to understand.

3. The Shop decks need more garbage.
This is something I didn't have time for in S3. We want to add "accessories" of previous seasons back, but as just mostly useless garbage items that can go into most of the shop decks. Trinkets, small little roleplay things, mostly useless items. The shop right now has the problem of it takes new players FAR to long to look through all their options and one of the easiest way to fix that is by making it so a lot of the cards you can sorta outright ignore unless you are looking for something cheap and silly to spend your last pieces of gold on.

4. Gold is fine, but there are too many ways to get too much gold.
I think the base gold of each class is fine for the most part and won't change that much, but some of the attributes and cornerstones are too generous and I plan on gutting them. Even 100 gold is a lot of extra gold in the grand scheme of things and some of these cards just give far too much gold.

5. Things that can or do more then 99 Damage need to be reined in, even if it makes the card more boring.
Cards that deal more then 99 Damage through abilities need to be pulled back in because I want there to be a big push to the idea that getting 100+ Stamina in URealms is valuable. Generally when I build encounters as a GM I never have attacks that do more then 99 Damage to reward my players for building such a tanky character. Generally it's hard to have a lot of damage and a lot of stamina without a good amount of luck. I go back and forth on this. I think it's fun to stack stamina and do a big seismicslam, but I think it might be better if the card looked more like this custom card

Anyway this is over half a year away still. Just thought I'd share the direction I am currently going with cards and such. 



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    Sounds cool. Glad you can keep us updated on thoughts. Cough* Valve *Cough* Just update me on Pyro update *Cough.

    I like the game right now, but I liked the game how it was in S2, so I know I can change my mind.
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    hmm i agree with this changes, more garbage is sorely needed and i have run in with damage problem when i GM, i will sit down and think more about it but so far i agree. 
  • Is there any changes to Companions? I don't know if Companions either have one action of their own or uses a player's action. 
  • Will the place Board where you keep your character stay the same? Or the same size and shape. With dodge changing will there be a shield slot?

  • garbage/filler cards are definitely needed in other places besides the weapons. I just hope that the season 3 mod stays the same and we get a separate season 4 mod version for those of us who still want to play with the season 3 cards.
  • @Gushy48 This, companions are still in a little bit of a weak spot right now I feel. I'd be fine if companions were nerfed in damage in favor of having a second character to control since it'd allow me to roleplay them better too. For instance, in the last game I played, I played a dwarven seeker with a gnome fleshweaver. While I managed to weave (no pun intended) him into my roleplay a little in the campaign, unless I was doing some silly roleplay thing in an easy going combat, like trying to befriend a crunchodile, he didn't get much action if I actually had to fight to survive.
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    Interesting changes. I'm interested to see how my players will act in character creation when given less gold. Gonna be cool, thanks for the update rawb!
  • @Loveland ;
    In many forum RPs, players usually forget about their companions and ditches them. I usually have to make the companions show up in order for them to remember, if that is, I can remember it. 
  • It sounds interesting to me. Seems much more efficient and streamlined in some aspects to not make the future campaigns about rolling 25 times over the course of a minute to try to dodge/counter or whatever, but also makes it harder for characters to be too op with gold and damage.
    I trust the changes, and hope the show keeps evolving for the better.  :)
  • @Rob ;
    I really like these changes, however i think some of the Higher-than-99-damage Abilities need to either be reworked or keep their damage to feel unique or worth it. There is no reason to take a Melee Ability like Sesmic Slam or SlamShock which can only maybe do 99 Damage or less over a Ranged 99-Damage Pyroblast or ArcaneBeam.  

    Also there are very few abilities which can deal more than 99 Damage in a hit and all of them are Melee, meaning Melee Attacks might seem more treatning to tanks. Especially since Seismic Slam is such a classic Damage ability.

    One of the most memorable moments from Murder Bros was when Johnny Feo spendt most of his Limited Abilties and Anytimes Abilties to prevent Dave from Seismic Slaming him because its an exception to the 99 Damage rule.

    Also doing more than 100 Damage is not any more different than Insta-KO Abilties.
  • All these seem fine and I would definitely agree with removing shields/dodging. Other ideas seem fine as well, but I especially hated having to remember that I can use a shield to dodge/block.
  • What will happen with shields with the removal of block and dodge? Will they just be a static damage resist? Or will the slot be removed completely?
  • I think all those changes could work well,  especially the last three. But when it comes to just using one version of the Urealms, couldn't you just rename the current version to "Urealms Season 3(Outdated)" for those whom want it? I never had to rename any of my workshop items, so not sure if that's any hassle, but still. Anyhow, keep up the good work!:)
  • A bit sad dogging will be gone but I get why maybe if dogging was changed to a class skill like sharpsword has some things like that really want deadbones heart thing from the grand paladin order be a attribute and it could be there in place of doomed because I know rob wanted to get rid of that
  • @Rob I like these ideas, but for the Seismic Slam card, I feel like it would be better to add a gem or some terminology about a damage maximum to players as adding that to every card that needs it could take a while or be easily forgotten.
  • @Rob im supportive of this, reminds me a bit of final fantasy
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    Oh I agree on all of this. Sometimes numbers need to be compressed. Like the thousands to hundreds gold from Season 2 to Season 3. It's a very smart move. Just my opinion though.
  • Will Grand Finale still work on the doing "the same interrupt" twice?
  • I don't know how I feel about the limited ability thing, but I guess I'll see how it turns out. The rest I think is fully understandable, especially the 99 damage thing. No player wants to build a high health tank and then get 1 shot.
  • Probably just a health boost and effect. @BucketHat
  • @Ozoner
    considering that's the whole point of Grand Finale, I'm pretty sure if it stays in the game it'll have that effect.
  • I agree with almost all of this, but I have minor issues with that last point. I think some of the "insane damage abilities" should be kept in to some degree, but should have their cost increased by a lot so that it's a trade-off between a lot of little cool things or one big explosive limited/interrupt ability.
  • Well that can kinda limit what you do at character creation. I think low numbers are probably better for the game in terms of making a game and simplicity. @JazzyWaffles
  • Regarding the Limited/Anytime rule, I quite like it-
    Do you suppose you'd have some limited cards themselves have "You gain one more Interrupt Action" when you buy them, so that you can still get like 5 limited abilities and use them all, instead of having to pick say, 2 each fight, or would you only gain that buff on other items (Armour + Shield).

    I also assume that a player could block with a shield as a RP action, so that change is pretty good, as it doesn't remove creativity (Deadbones' Duke Daring shield surfing for instance) but removes boring aspects of combat.

    Nice update, a lot less controversial than S3 was to me when I was used to S2, but I trust whatever changes you make will be just as good as S3 was :)
  • I like the changes. I think that, while @Gushy48 has already said there is a problem with companions and I agree, we need to figure out the place of companions. As of now, they are kinda useless. Anytime you could do something with your companion, chances are you could do something better. Let alone the fact that having a companion is a sorta big investment, an entire row of inventory and a lot of gold, plus you would like to lower Ability to get gold. I feel like either companions need to have less of a gold cost or should maybe come with an intrinsic action, so that both you and your companion could do something.

  • I don't think giving companions a action is a good idea because there are some really strong companions that if they had there own action would change the game quite a bit. Pus most people know if they are buying a companion they are gambling to get a good or really bad one.
  • The changes seem good to me. I completely understand them all. I'm super looking forward to the changes to anytimes and limiteds the most because of how different it is.
  • Well limits could be put in on this instrinsic action. Basic attacks only for the companion so it limits to 5 damage? Kinda awkward though, and disruptive. @Godbrothers
  • As for everyone mentioning companions, I feel that a good possible solution is to have them always involved in combat. This could be done by doing something like "whenever one does a non basic action then the other behaves like a character controlled minion". This could make it seem more fair and make them more active, because every time you fireball your wolf bites runs and bites someone for 7 damage. Then your wolf goes super saiyan and you hit someone with your club for 7 damage. It makes the companion seem worthwhile and also gives the player more control over the feild, for the cost of a substantial pile of gold
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    My personal opinion for Companions (especially Talking/Mercenary Companions) is that they should essentially be 2nd Characters that the Player Plays. Characters that have their own personalities, behaviors, abilities and actions. Now, to a Newbie or Inexperienced URealms Player, that might be problematic, but for our main heroes, it should be no problem, especially as they are playing more and more characters over the course of a Campaign (plus, Roamin and Millbee have experiences with playing Multiple Characters, at least during Roleplay), and Rob has said that his main focus in the Show first. This is personally how I do companions for my campaigns (at least the Talking ones).
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