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Beenu as a playable race

Has anyone done this yet? I'd love to see some ideas for it. I'm not caught up with the main show, but do we think they could make an appearance in season 4 to be playable? They're so cool. Racial, starting gold, stamina, etc.


  • Hmm, they'd probably have some quirk similar to gnome, as they are a technologically advanced race. I would expect rather than the "tinker" theme that gnomes have, that they would be more "science" theme, with the scientists and computers we saw in the campaign.

    Just throwing some ideas out.
  • Passive 1: Their treassures don't break on crit failures but instead power down for the rest of combat
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    Two quick cards that share a similar idea.

  • @BucketHat
    I love the idea of treasure abilities as basic attacks.
  • Yeah Treasure Abilities as Basic Attacks would be great.
    I feel like it would be upsetting if there wasn't any good treasures/ not enough gold to buy any significant amount of treasures though. I mean, elf can get useless spells true but idk...

    I really love the idea though, its really neat and interesting :)
  • They could have some ability to represent flying, because wings.
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    like being able to ignore all forms of Terrain as they can fly or something?  @Gorinich ;
  • Flying isn't a very useful ability indoors. No wonder the Beenu were taken out so easily!
  • I didn't think they could fly, I could be wrong but I thought they could only glide.
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    If you wanted to go with the flight route, they could have an ability that improves their mobility, like being able to fly 10 spaces for their Move Action, though I personally think something involving technology would be cooler. Treasures as basic attacks/double damage could get pretty busted, but that would also be really fun. 

    To throw another idea out there, maybe they could use non-Legendary consumables more than once? Like anything with the Consumable gem is just treated as a Limited and stays in their inventory after they use it? Unless it's a Legendary Spell Scroll because that would be extra broken.
  • Hmm. Maybe instead of double damage they can combine the abilities from to items, but only use the damage from one of them.
    Flight is weird since there are already so many items and abilities that increase movement and negate terrain.
  • Maybe give the racial passive, immune to rough and dangerous terrain because they can fly/float.
  • @BucketHat The one question I have is are these Beenu from Before/During the Birth of Magic? Or After it? Because I think the only way you could play as a Beenu after the Birth of Magic is if they become Ageless.

    Otherwise, I like the first one (Double Damage from Treasure Weapons) more then the 2nd (Treasure Items are Regular Actions, which is what most Treasure Items already are).
  • @friskyBrisky That brings up an interesting point. Can beenu even become ageless? If they can, and also have some semblance of flight or bones made for flight I would say no, as a skeleton with hollow/light bones isn't very sturdy without muscles and tendons to support it. If yes, then they definitely cant fly and wings are just for looks, which is kinda weird but acceptable.
  • @friskyBrisky The Beenu didn't die during the Birth of Magic, they died out sometime after Azveltara Z which we know takes place a fairly long amount of time after since Dwarves and Gnomes exist. So as long as they're used in a campaign that takes place before Lyn poisoned them, they're totally fine.
  • Do we know how long Beenu live compared to the playable races?
    As for the wings being just for show, maybe they gave up the gift of flight for the intellect. They created so many machines as a way to get back into the skies they miss.
  • i came up with a difrent one that pushes the tresures thing

    custom card

  • @friskyBrisky

    It's not treasures as basic actions, its treasures as basic attacks. This means any of the perks you'll ever get from basic attacks will work with treasures. For instance, if you have a "Wand of Limited Possibilities" whenever you use a treasure ability you can cast a random spell as a no-roll. Or if you had say, sigil of flame, you deal triple damage each time you use a treasure ability.

    I like the idea of using the Beenu wings as a way to avoid terrain, so this is what I would make them:

    +100 Gold
    +10 Stamina
    You can use Treasure Abilities as Basic Attacks. You are immune to Rough and Dangerous Terrain. 
  • I think I like that variation @Sigpiru ! Though I would keep their stamina at 20. @BucketHat ;
    Would you mind having that on a card for me?
  • what about making them do a no-roll treasure ability after basic attacking?
  • Thanks Bucket!
    @brandon I like that, but still feels like they'd need to roll for it. There always needs to be a risk of something blowing up in their faces.

  • Thanks Bucket!

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