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PKMN rawb. Who knows and who is interested

Just gimme your thoughts! The likelihood that Rob actually looks at this is low since this is Offtopic though. I just want like a few number on who is still interested in good ol' Rawb playing some more Pokemon for us. Doesn't matter if streaming or not. Maybe add like your favorite thing about his adventures and what not.


  • My thoughts are just that I love PKMN Rob and would like to see more but knowing that he spends most of his time right now on URealms, I just thought maybe he could just play some in his free time record it with no stress or actual editing which would be more than satisfying for me. If he has just fun playing the games then not streaming it would benefit that experience since streaming is most of the time combined with a schedule of some sort which wouldn't really fit into his work and maybe would be less fun because of that. I don't know maybe I just think too much into it so I would love your opinion about it, Rob. Oh and of the community too of course! :)
  • I don't think Rawb will play Pokemon again, and I understand if he doesn't. Some of the last streams he did, chat often put him on tilt, meaning he wasn't really enjoying it as much as he used to. There's also the obvious issue of time. He's a busy business man, he's doing his business. If there ever comes a time when he decides to play another Pokemon game, I imagine it will be for Christmas or something. I think he did mention something about Youtube and why he wouldn't do that, but it was so long ago that I can't really remember. 

    On a more positive note. I love all the mini memes we end up getting from it. The main time I watched was during the last blaze black 2 run. RELEASE THE BEES! and BUTTER THE BISCUIT! are still in my mind to this day. 
  • @Rovesul While I also absolutely loved Rob's Pokémon series, he mentioned explicitly in his last series (Pokémon Sun) that he did not have any kind of free time to continue recording Pokémon. He's already taking on so many projects, by now probably even more than when he talked about this last december, and likely won't be able to find "spare time" to record it in. He talked at length about this whole situation in the last 2 episodes of the Pokémon Sun playtrough, which in my opinion are a very well-done goodbye to the PKMN Rawb series
  • Sadly I don't think we'll be seeing anymore Pkmn Rawb stuff, even though tbh it was my favorite material of his, Urealms being a close second. Don't get me wrong, I love Urealms but there was just something special about his Pokemon content. I guess part of it is he always seemed to be having a blast playing something that was very nostalgic to him.

    Sometimes, with the Urealms stuff, it can almost feel like he's forcing himself to be energetic and happy for us, and struggling to put on a great show. Which is wonderful, and I'm so glad he's getting to make a living from it, but its also kind of sad. Eh, could be reading too much into it, and hopefully his hotdog videos work as a outlet for him and help him feel more balanced.

    Either way, I really enjoy his work and creativity. The rest of the gang really make Urealms something special, its the one thing the Pokemon material didn't have, Rawb interacting with others. 

    Anyway, rambling now. Just hope he's able to keep making content he enjoys and that he finds happiness and contentment in his personal life, the man is a pretty cool guy and deserves it.
  • As much as I enjoy them; they just dont make sense from a 'best use of his time' perspective.  Trying to make Urealms the best show it can be is a multiperson full time job (think of the number of people who write for some of your favorite shows) so to ask him to bring the pokemon series back is asking him to forfeit some of his urealms time, make less money for it, and put himself on tilt because of it.  As much as I would love it, the fact of the matter is it isnt the best thing Rob can be doing.  If he does anything; it'll be Ultra Sun/Moon for a bit on Christmas like last year.
  • I just finished the Sun holiday show and am embarrassed and have to apologize since Rab already answered this question in enough detail.
  • I actually thought of something related to this earlier... What if the community got together to make a pokemon ROM hack, centered around urealms lore and or his old streams. So use some of the old memes, like the 5 red gems or top percentage Rattata? Let me know what you think, and I may look into it

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