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Beenu and Harpies?

Is it possible that Harpies are related to Beenu? Could they be like how Kobolds were before the birth of magic, ie they are the more primitive form for the Beenu. Could someone possible revive the beenu using harpies?


  • id imagine they are related, but Beenu appear to have separate arms and wings while harpies do not. Reviving using the harpies? could be possible to replicate the Beenu with some blood work and genetics, but not a whole Beenu, a very close replica at least. They could be brought back like how they brought back dinosaurs in Jurassic park by putting Beenu Dna/Mna (magic nucleic acid) into harpy eggs until something that looks like a Beenu pops out.
  • I kind of consider it the Skelephelk in the room during the Den of Devils campaign. Roamin's character was a to-be Harpy prince. Which is funny as it is the sequel to the campaign where Karl Landers and the group discovered the message from the deceased Beenu.

    For all we know, harpies might just be Beenu with an extra chromosome. Maybe the infertility poison did not make all Beenu infertile, maybe some of them gave birth to monsters.
  • Well, for all we know they could be as related as a duck is to a penguin.
  • I kind of doubt Rob would ever have the beenu be revived in the "present" (post extinction) since he could just have a pre extinction campaign if he wanted beenu in it. Its kinda along the same lines of killing a character to then  revive the character a few campaigns later. It would be interesting if something with the harpies would tie into the beenu but i think reviving the entire race would make this entire last campaign feel irrelevant in the grand scheme of things. 
  • I feel like its less of an evolution from harpy to beenu and more of a de-evolution

    Instead of dragon silver preventing the beenu from giving birth they could just have horrible defects turning them into harpies

    When you think about it harpies are mentally impaired, are missing feathers over their bodies, and have horrifically merged arms and wings when compared to beenu. In addition this they seem to be push overs just like beenu 
  • Just re-watched Jewel of the Dingo Isles and was wondering the same thing. I was thinking that they could have come form some experiment to bring back the Beenu after their extinction.
  • @PikaCraft I need to disagree with you, I think Rob would absolutely consider reviving the Beenu. Originally, Rob tweeted that the divine decision for The Sandbolds would be deciding which of two races would be introduced in Season 4, and then later stated that has been changed because he though of something way cooler (which became the Maelstrom decision). Since the Sandbolds even discussed reviving the Beenu with Quintana Lotus, I'm VERY confident that one of the choices would have been to ressurect the Beenu.
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    My theory is that the beenu were the oldest race, explaining there incredibly advanced technology (electronics, monitors etc), maybe even older then the 'gods' are who may have just popped into existence one day. This would allow for the potential of the Beenu attempting to survive through cloning when they realised they had all become infurtile, but the process was largely unsuccessful leading to the creation of harpies.
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    if you look at the art on the harpy card you might have noticed that Harpies seem to have elven features like pointy ears. so i think that Harpies have more connections to elves. maybe a earlier attempt to recreate the Beenu using elves, or they could have a similar creation to how blood snake queens works.
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