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Recommend a new attribute: Heart Condition

So in the grand paladin order, Deadbones' character had a heart condition that increased his death roll count every time he had to death roll. I propose that we make this an official attribute as Attribute/Heart Condition. What do you guys think?


  • How many times is this question going to appear, geez. But anyway, Nah, I don't think it's a good attribute
  • @Dart can I get a reason as to why you dont like the idea? (just for more of an insight as i personally think its a decent idea.)
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    Well, attributes tend to give characters personality, a Heart condition doesn't, it can be a child, old, middle aged, doen't help. And then there's the gameplay affect of deaths rolls worsening; there's already a 1/20 chance to die, and increasing that doesn't really feel that good to me, espeically for player characters. Their basically going to play cautiously or accept death and not care that much at all; it's similair to the Doomed attribute, but in my opinion is worse and more dangerous. For Doomed it's two ones in a row, and you get to reroll that. It just wouldn't fit the balance of the game or roleplay, at least from my pov.

    Doomed is also more fun, as the whole "DOUBLE ONES HOLY CRAP" like Good ol' Reesi, as well as the whole whatever you rolled a 1 on causes you to die. 
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    it kinda just sounds like bullshit doomed, like if you drew it your character would literally be doomed from the start. Like at least with doomed you have a chance
  • Personally, I think things like Doomed, Ageless(ness), and this Heart Condition Idea would work better as free Supplies that give a lot of benefits as well as a really terrible handicap. Currently, Doomed is the worst Attribute to get. What if instead of randomly drawing it (and then discarding it in most circumstances), you got it in your Supply cards, and it gave you +500 Gold, +10 Stamina, and the handicap that every time you roll a Critical Failure you have to Death Roll? It'd make it much more palatable, and it doesn't make your character feel like "My major attribute is that I am going to die and I know it".
  • @friskyBrisky Well yeah, Doomed is the worst attribute. That's its point. However, the only way Rob allows it is if you force it onto yourself. If you draw it, he draws another one for you. You could only get it if you drew greedy then dipped into the 200 gold.
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    I dont think it would be a good idea. I do like the idea of an attribute increasing the number on the deathrolls. Maybe changed doomed to that? Every time you have to death roll, the range increases by 1.
  • The card would have to give some sort of upside to counteract the doomed quality, like a huge increase in stamina, or some other passive bonus a heart condition may supply.
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