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Kobold Genitalia Thread: Race to the final page



  • @Angoman Is it?! I mean come on.

    He has a rock and some stones.
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  • And now I have the shame knowing I started the thirteenth page of this...
  • @brownhair798 Feel no shame boyfriend unit! You're contributing to sex lore history here! >3 Sort of. ' w ' ;
    But I am genuinely curious about how a kobold's looks and works like, among everyone elses. I still need to finish reading through all these pages. xwx

  • Take your time, Q. In the meanwhile, welcome to our cockchat.
  • May I join the kobold cock Society? @Dorian
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    (ignore the broken image thingie below)

    Not sure why I haven't posted this gif yet. one of my favorite puppets I have atm;3
    Update: No idea if that would somehow be marked as pornographic, so better take the link down<.< it's Mara from SMT with puppet mouth from babble buds
  • @snarkyslytherin ROCKS AND HAWT MAGMA.
  • Wow you guys are really productive
    Can I maybe see about joining the Kockbold Klan?
  • Ok, I have read through everything and this thread is one of the most beautiful things I have ever read. I'm also all for ogre hemipenes. :evilsmile: 

    For the bathroom thing, I imagine that they do still have more than pee for their business. Kobolds probably just have ridiculously strong stomach acid that can break down gems and rocks. What would come out would probably be something like a coagulated lump of wet sand of the sandcastle building kind of consistency, but that's just my speculation. :smileporc: 
  • Huh..... I can see that, Quiz! But what about nonstone consumption, then? Is it still processed like sand?
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    @Quizicalgin are you suggesting that kobolds fascinated by sand so are just poo flingers? xD
    (sandbolds, sand benders, ect)
  • Unfortunately the only way I can see that ending is giving the poor Kobold in question the runs, since the acid would break it down to a liquidy consistency. Kind of like when you get food poisoning.
  • Oof. That kind of kills the prospect of "being able to eat regular food", heh.... I don't want drippages...
  • @JackOfTheFlames Not my intent I can tell you, I was just using wet sand as my model for consistency. xD Maybe I should have gone with thick mud. :oh: 
  • @TaeyRurj Well they still can technically, it would just probably feel similar to the symptoms of IBS or lactoce intolerance for them. . w . ;
  • Yeah, but that's still all kinds of nope for me.... (Especially since being sick has... less than fortunate results lately....)
  • Oh dear, fair enough. xwx ( hope you feel better soon ; w ;  )
  • Eh, I'll get over it. Meanwhile, I have to work next to food.... X~X
  • Well that's not good, no matter what kind of sick you caught. xwx;
  • ANYWAY. Yeah, while I could see rocks turning into a mudsand, maybe we can take an example from cows.... (Yes, canidae and bovine have nothing to do with each other, but hear me out.)
    Perhaps there's a compartmented stomach in Kobolds. One handles regular food, but is probably smaller because it's not as nutritious to them. And the other handles all minerals, and so has to be of an extreme toxicity.
  • Well I mean it could be a possibilty, but compartmented stomachs in cows is just one stomach with a few walls separating them with sphincters for passing material through them. They're still a one way trip for the food matierial. :o

    In addition how would their body know which is which between the food options? Would they have concious control over an epiglottis type flap in their lower esophagus that switches like a rail track, closing off one stomach in favor of the other? :smileporc: 

  • I think it could be a matter of physics, simply put what's more solid than the other. Like a coin sorter. Softer material passes through, while the harder minerals get caught and sent elsewhere.

    Also I may be rambling more than usual, I'm tired lmao.
  • Another option entirely is the simplest. Minerals get absorbed in a long lower intestinal tract, and nonminerals pass through without being absorbed. It could also be an appendix function, where minerals get tracked off and absorbed more directly.
  • @Quizicalgin just me being silly then. that's what 1h of sleep does to you..well, me^^*
  • @TaeyRurj One sleep cycle later and we're back! That second one sounds more plausible, since if they don't get nutrition from nonmineral based food it would just pass right through.

    @JackOfTheFlames Goodness, hope you got more sleep then. xwx

    WAIT I HAD A THOUGHT. Ok, if the kobold schween is in a sheath (assuming the sheath goes along their stomach to some degree like in canidae) , how would they pee? Would they have to get on all fours and cock (hue hue) a leg up like a groundbold, or would they have to get a half chub to aim it? Sorry, I just don't remember if this was already discussed. xwx;

  • With all this talk, i kind of wonder how the logistics of kobolds hermaphrodites would work under the chisel theory.
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  • ...*just watches in fear.*
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