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Here's every Dragon Aspect's name, written in PORC.

This took way longer than you'd think. I did this as an exercise to grow more used to writing in PORCK?.. and to begin to memorize da alphabet. I think I'll make flashcards for it, later. to eat of course


  • That looks pretty good, steve.
  • @phatpack Thanks Bill!
  • I appreciate the aesthetic
  • beautiful :frownporc: 
  • Its a real shame this was meant to be humorous because I could really see this being how porcish would be written.
  • @Gterra2 but this is how we porcs write... at least i think, i dont write good
  • edited May 2017
    @Ymnar In all seriousness make a porc alphabet! Have different parts of the hooves be turned different ways for different letters and stuff! thatd be amazing!
  • @Gterra2 I'll see what I can do, (Might just cheat and use a form of braille to get it done, 6 part porc hoof for it)
  • @Gterra2 doesn't have to be humorous... realistically we can make a whole alphabet with just pig hooves.
  • @richey Im literally doing it now, based in braille, I'm just using a slight variation of your original work, hope you don't mind.
  •  :) thanks for the inspiration @snarkyslytherin
  • @Ymnar GO FOR IT! i love the idea
  • As soon as I make the actual post, you getting tagged as the inspiration
  • Rob
    edited May 2017
    Porcs 100% don't have a language of their own. It wouldn't make any sense in canon. They are a servant race who were uplifted into general society (many monster races are like this) after the birth of magic. They are literally born knowing the common tongue and have no society or even culture of their own. There identity is not having an identity!

    Cool meme though!
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